security services

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security services by Mind Map: security services

1. Marketing

1.1. Website

1.2. Whitepapers

1.3. Presentations

1.4. Datasheets

1.4.1. Battle Card for non-managed Skybox service

1.4.2. Security Review/Assessment

1.5. PR

2. Business

2.1. Margin split

2.1.1. SW licence sales Qualys Split Who does the client pay? Should big be a reseller locally? Some clients will want to see local agency. Skybox Sofware Gross margin 35% Gross margin 10% Edgescan

2.1.2. Reviews X % on top of FC invoice

2.1.3. CISO X % on top of FC invoice base cost £1500

3. Services

3.1. Firewall management

3.1.1. PFSense

3.2. CISO Service

3.2.1. services policy management enaging with 3rd parties on infosec matters controls assessment managing improvements link to SecOps

3.2.2. pricing per reserved days

3.3. Security reviews

3.3.1. delivery Template document Excel sheet online Possibly use Qualys SAQ Remote review of responses

3.3.2. Pricing employess? Size of the network (systems)

3.3.3. 1st Priority

3.3.4. Technical assessments Qualys VM Policy compliance

3.3.5. FAIR Institute - later

3.3.6. Benefits for auditors translation ofg IT responses to auditor speak highlight suspicios reposnses

3.3.7. Standards ISO27001 NIST CSF CIS Top 20

3.4. Security operations

3.4.1. Tools Qualys Indications of Compromise Hardening assessment Vulnerability management Web application security Services tiers POC Skybox

3.4.2. Benefits Auditor monitor complaince monitor risk CxO reporting of risk IT knows what to do Business function managers knows risk to their applications

3.4.3. Selling

3.5. Cybersecurity awareness trainings

3.5.1. Online video delivery

4. BIG

4.1. Cyber

4.1.1. Security review questionnaire led partially automated Levels SIlver - Basic controls Gold Platinum

4.1.2. Technical Assurance Services Qualys Core Specialist Skybox >500, High Risk, infrastructure rather than cloud services Brings organisation at maturity level 4 to level 5.

4.1.3. Incident detection service SIEM platform with feeds Server logs

4.1.4. IT Review Tiered packages Platinum Gold Silver Bronze (?)

4.1.5. CISO as a Service Policies Awareness & Education Retainer Monthly Comms? phishing tests GRC? ad-hoc calls

4.2. Efficiency

4.3. Core, profits, big

4.4. Selling business