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ADDIE by Mind Map: ADDIE

1. ADDIE is an instructional design model to help instructional designers, instructors and trainers plan and create instruction.


2.1. Instructional Goals

2.1.1. Instructional Analysis: Chart out the steps necessary to design the training. Mind MAP!

2.1.2. Learner Analysis: What do learners already know? Identify the learning GAP?

2.1.3. Learning Objectives: By the End of the training SWBAT, SKAs gained/ strong verbs

2.1.4. What is the clear instructional goal for the training?


3.1. Happens throughout the entire ADDIE cycle

3.2. Formative Evaluation

3.2.1. Step-by-step as you go

3.3. Summative Evaluation

3.3.1. One-to-One, small group or field trial

3.4. Continuous evaluation to improve course delivery, outcomes, and method.


4.1. Train the Instructors to give the training that was designed in previous steps

4.2. Gather and prepare particpants to receive training

4.3. Arrange the Learning Space on-line classroom, physical space and equipment

5. What is the goal of the training?

5.1. List what participants will know how to do as a result of the training?


6.1. Create a sample- DEMO and SELL it!

6.2. Develop the actual course materials-Make IT!

6.3. Conduct a run-through- TEST it

7. 2. DESIGN

7.1. Design Asssessment

7.1.1. How will you find out content was learned and internalized? Use training tasks, surveys, interviews.

7.2. Choose Course Format

7.2.1. Media Selection, LMS, Videos, Slides, Interactive tasks

7.3. Create instructional Strategy

7.3.1. Exercises, content, Subject Matter, lesson planning,

8. What is the skill or behavior that training is aiming to change?

8.1. Outcome: List how the training will increase productivity/improve upon process already in place

9. What previous knowledge do the learners bring? What is the gap in knowledge?

9.1. Pre assessment of learners, what prior knowledge do they have of the topic