What you like about UGA

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What you like about UGA by Mind Map: What you like about UGA

1. professors/teachers

1.1. ones who bring snacks!

2. Ramsey / Sport Facility

2.1. Jill,

2.2. the gym

3. The beautiful campus

3.1. the seasons

4. Elliot

5. The crippling onset depression from sleeping 4 hours a night and getting a 14 on an Ochem test

6. Pizza at Snelling

7. Cookies at Bolton

8. Dinning Hall

8.1. Snelling!!!

9. I really enjoy the food here!

10. The friends I have made

11. The food options

11.1. Mindmeister

11.2. Panda Express in Tate

12. The guide dogs

12.1. Amazing dogs

13. for the competitive sports

14. Bus route

15. variety of clubs/organizations

15.1. free t-shirts

16. study abroad programs

17. The Philly Cheese Steaks at Snelling

17.1. and the tator tots!

18. the glow of the hot sun rising up from the sea of cars in every parking lot

19. Heckin Doggos

20. Kirby Smart

21. Lay-z shopper

21.1. Felix!

22. Marching Band!

22.1. The Majorettes

23. beautiful campus!!

24. friendly people!!!

25. The feeling of accomplishment I get when I squeeze my way into the cramped busses. Regardless riding the busses is a great experience.

26. The BIRDS

27. The comfy chairs in the SLC

28. The really good dining halls.

29. Greek Life

30. Bolton

31. Intramural Sports

32. Track and Field

33. literally everything except noon football games

34. the squirrels

35. we dont go to auburn and dont have to say war eagle so that a positive

35.1. Same but with Alabama too

36. saturdays in athens!!!

37. All the sports facilities and snacks for athletes

38. Pauleys

39. The football team