Initial Mindmap

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Initial Mindmap by Mind Map: Initial Mindmap

1. Brand

1.1. Archetype

1.1.1. My suggestion is to go for the blue part of the spectrum Either caregiver or creator Reasoning It's a B2B model which means business owners will be searching for security and stability Its main focus is education and appearing too "revolutionary" is a bit risky It feels like an established brand instead of a startup That would determine the voice and feel of the brand

1.1.2. This is a great presentation covering brand archetypes This is another presentation from a company that does something similar to what we are doing

1.2. Name

1.2.1. Should be short, punchy and memorable doesn't have to mean anything examples Trello Coca-Cola Fanta

1.2.2. Ideas MK:with Latin Background Specto Aspectus

1.3. USP

1.4. Triggers

1.4.1. Keywords Education AI Machine Learning Eye Tracking Facial Recognition

1.4.2. Main Promise See if people have seen/finished the course to do rework the promise with the main benefit What's the ROI argument?

1.5. Important

1.5.1. Since we do not have a detailed profile of the ideal customer yet it's a bit of a shot in the dark. However, all of this can be changed fast if needed as we go along.

2. Collaboration tools

2.1. Project Management

2.1.1. Asana I've been using it for 3+ years Pros It has almost every functionality that we need (even kanban boards) It can even be used for internal communication purposes Has a lot of integrations Cons I'm kinda sick of it :)

2.1.2. Basecamp Pros Minimal Cons No free version, just a 30-day trial and then $99/mo

2.1.3. Trello Pros Visual and great for idea-sharing, roadmaps, even project management If we are not using it for task-management - it would be my go-to tool because of its simplicity Cons Lacks certain task-management features like recurring tasks Internal communication is not its priority

2.2. Communication

2.2.1. Slack I haven't tried it but I know a lot of remote teams are using it and it has lots of integrations

2.3. Other tools

2.3.1. Mindmeister Great for sharing mindmaps Has an integrated task manager (meistertask) which I haven't tested thoroughly yet but it looks pretty awesome

2.3.2. Mindjet It's a great mindmapping app with a corporate feel to it it has sharing capabilities but I haven't tried them and I believe it's an overkill for our purposes

2.3.3. iMindmap the most creative mindmapping software I've tried It's collaborative functionalities are nothing impressive I wouldn't recommend it for teamwork Great for personal use Tony Buzan's software

2.4. Notes

2.4.1. Evernote It's more of a note-taking app but they've added teamwork functionalities which I haven't tried yet It's the best personal note-taking tool that I've seen but it wouldn't be my first choice when it comes to teamwork