Intermediate English

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Intermediate English by Mind Map: Intermediate English

1. My interests

1.1. Lesson A:

1.1.1. I'm interested in... Art Literature Pop Culture Sports Technology Travel

1.1.2. Present to be Are you interestted in literature? Yes. Who's you favorite writer? No. What books are in your house?

1.2. Lesson B:

1.2.1. Asking for repetition: Can you repeat that, please?

1.2.2. Asking someone to speak more slowly: Could you speak more slowly, please?

1.3. Lesson C:

1.3.1. Sports Bowl Ski Swim Baseball Golf Table Tennis Gymnastics Karate Yoga

1.3.2. Simple present. What sports do you like? I like golf and karate. What sports does he play? He plays soccer.

1.4. Lesson D:

1.4.1. Free Time What's your hobby? Cook a lot. Write a blog. What are you interested in? I'm interested in autographs...

2. Descriptions

2.1. Lesson A:

2.1.1. Personality adjectives Confident Creative Friendly Funny Generous Hardworking Serious Shy Talkative EXAMPLE: I'm talkative and friendly

2.2. Lesson B:

2.2.1. Saying you think something is true I think so EXAMPLE: Is Rafael hardworking? I think so he studies a lot.

2.2.2. Saying you think something isn't true I don't think so.

2.3. Lesson C:

2.3.1. Appearance Thin Middle-Aged Mustache blond hair. Short Tall EXAMPLE: He's tall and thin.

2.4. Lesson D:

2.4.1. Online Profiles Name: Suanny Tigselema. Home: Valencia, Los Ríos, Ecuador. Appearance: I'm 19, with black hair and tall. Personality: I think I'm a very generous person.

3. Rain or shine

3.1. Lesson A:

3.1.1. Weather. Cloudy Rainy Snowy Sunny Windy

3.1.2. Temperature. Cold Cool Warm Hot

3.1.3. Adverbs of intensity Extremely Very Really Pretty

3.2. Lesson B:

3.2.1. Asking for an opinion. What's your opinion?

3.2.2. Giving an opinion In my opinion...

3.3. Lesson C:

3.3.1. Indoor activities a board game cookies a jigsaw puzzle popcorn chess a crossword a nap a video

3.3.2. Would like+infinitive. What would you like to do? I'd like to play chess. would you like to do a jigsaw puzzle? yes, I would. No, I wouldn't.

4. Life at home

4.1. Lesson A:

4.1.1. Things in a home Bedroom Closet Dresser Curtains Bathroom Toilet Sink Shower Kitchen Stove Cupboards Dishwasher Living room Sofa Armchairs Shelves

4.1.2. Many / Much Many Cupboards Sofa Closet Much Light Water Sugar

4.2. Lesson B

4.2.1. Making a request Could you turn down the music, please?

4.2.2. Agreeing to a request No problem.

4.3. Lesson C:

4.3.1. Household Chores Clean out the closet Clean up the yard Drop off the dry cleaning Hang up the clothes

5. Health

5.1. Parts of the body

5.1.1. Arm

5.1.2. Finger

5.1.3. Head

5.1.4. Nose

5.1.5. Wrist

5.1.6. Shoulder

5.1.7. Stomach

5.1.8. Mouth

5.2. I'm not feeling well.

5.2.1. A backache

5.2.2. A cold

5.2.3. A cough

5.2.4. An earache

5.2.5. A fever

5.2.6. The flu

5.2.7. A headache

5.3. Healthy habits

5.3.1. Eat a balanced diet.

5.3.2. Protect your skin.

5.3.3. Get enough sleep.