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Assassin App: In a game by Mind Map: Assassin App: In a game

1. Target

1.1. Rules

1.1.1. Game rules: Settings decided by the administrator Number of players per team. If the administrator is playing or not. The "weapon" of choice Felt Pen Water Gun If backwards elimination is allowed: Allows targets to go after their assassin. Only if the administrator is not playing, because if both of these settings are on, the administrator gains an unfair advantage.

1.1.2. Custom Rules: Rules the administrator typed in before the game begins.

1.2. Your Target: A number that corresponds to a name or team in the list.

2. News

2.1. News Items

2.1.1. Confirmed: The Elimination follows all of the rules and the target is removed from the round. If the team is completely eliminated, the eliminators get their new target.

2.1.2. Pending: The administrator has not yet decided.

2.1.3. Denied: The elimination did not follow all of the rules. Therefor, the target remains in the game and the target's name is leaked.

2.2. Video: The videos can be shared using the link button.

3. Camera

3.1. Camera

3.1.1. Status Label: Explains why the camera is disabled if it is.

3.1.2. Tools: Flash on/off and record button.

3.2. Edit: Decide the length of the footage - must be between 5 and 10 seconds.

3.3. Upload: Decide who the target is if they are on a team, and if the target is your assassin if backwards is allowed.

4. List

4.1. Numbers: Corresponds with each player's target, each team shares one number.

4.2. Standing: If a player is eliminated, they will be shown crossed out in gray. Tap anywhere to only view standing players.

5. Settings

5.1. Account

5.1.1. Full Name

5.1.2. Username

5.1.3. Email

5.2. Game: For the administrator, this shows custom game changing tools, for everyone else, it shows simple tools.

5.3. Leave Game

5.4. Log Out