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Feral Child by Mind Map: Feral Child

1. Devotion

1.1. Being devoted to one's goals

1.1.1. Persevering despite going though challenges

1.1.2. Being determined to achieve one's goals

1.1.3. Not giving up easily on one's goals

1.2. Being devoted to beloved people and things

1.2.1. Finding something one is passionate about

1.2.2. Doing the things one is passionate about

1.2.3. Helping and supporting the beloved people in one's life

1.3. Being devoted to oneself

1.3.1. Working towards self-growth

1.3.2. Doing the things that makes one happy

1.3.3. Practicing self-care

2. Vision

2.1. Vision for the self

2.1.1. Setting realistic and achievable goals based on personal skills

2.1.2. Seeking self-development in everyday tasks

2.1.3. Growing by learning new talents and enhancing old ones

2.2. Vision for the society

2.2.1. Finding solutions to problems/conflicts in order for the society to function more efficiently

2.2.2. Cooperating wholeheartedly in fulfilling the goals of the society

2.2.3. Encouraging others to become one in allowing the society to further blossom

2.3. Vision for the world

2.3.1. Taking part in programs/seminars/conventions that promote the unity of people around the world

2.3.2. Enticing others to take part in their mission as humans to work together to improve the general state of being of the world

2.3.3. Doing simple acts of kindness (i.e. giving food to the poor, donating clothes, etc.) that will have a big impact on others

3. Adaptability

3.1. Adapting in positive situations

3.1.1. Observing the scene and taking note of important lessons that can be used in future interactions

3.1.2. Realizing the good outcomes of these actions to better integrate them in our way of life as they are beneficial to oneself and others

3.1.3. Taking these experiences to heart and practicing them regularly in order to influence others

3.1.4. Focusing on positive traits/behaviors/norms and acquiring them to better survive in the society and possibly pass them down to future generations

3.2. Adapting in negative situations

3.2.1. Accepting the fact that the situation is real and is actually happening

3.2.2. Learning to remove the negative possible options to respond to the situation

3.2.3. Approaching the problem differently when things don't go your way

3.2.4. Realizing that this problem is just a hurdle in life that will pass

4. Patience

4.1. Tenacity & resilience

4.1.1. Keeping a positive mindset after facing a difficult challenge

4.1.2. Learning to be strong and keep going despite hardships that drag down self-worth and drive

4.1.3. Finding ways to stay motivated and determined to continue tasks/activities/assessments even if one is near their breaking point

4.2. Understanding

4.2.1. Realizing that others have different strengths and not acting indifferent towards them even if they are not delivering well

4.2.2. Encouraging others to hold on and not acting in a hostile way because of dissimilar perceptions

4.2.3. Not giving up on others and enticing them to grow in their own beneficial way

4.3. Delayed gratification

4.3.1. Putting all time and effort into working hard in order to achieve impressive results

4.3.2. Knowing the fact that everything comes at its own time based on how well one asserts themselves to reach it

4.3.3. Learning to not get annoyed/agitated at a reward that is not arriving soon enough in the present

5. Respect

5.1. Having respect for others

5.1.1. Being polite and courteous

5.1.2. Treating others with love and kindness

5.1.3. Being empathetic and forgiving

5.2. Having respect for oneself

5.2.1. Taking care of one's physical health

5.2.2. Taking care of one's mental health

5.2.3. Loving and accepting oneself

5.3. Having respect for nature

5.3.1. Practicing the 3 R's (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle)

5.3.2. Avoid doing things that are harmful to the environment (i.e. dynamite fishing, littering, etc.)

5.3.3. Segregating trash in their proper disposal bins