Rosemary Reynolds

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Rosemary Reynolds by Mind Map: Rosemary Reynolds

1. Academic History

1.1. 2001-2010: Homeschooled and took virtual courses with FLVS

1.2. 2010: Enrolled at Polk State College for A.A. in Liberal Arts

1.3. 2013: Began B.A.S. in Business Administration at Polk State College

1.4. 2015: Graduated with B.A.S. and began M.Ed. in Ed Tech at UF

1.5. 2017: Graduated with M.Ed. in Ed Tech from UF

1.6. 2018: Currently starting my Ed.D. in Ed Tech at UF!

2. Career History

2.1. 2001: First expressed interest in Education as a future career

2.2. 2010: Took classes at Polk State College's Educator Preparatory Institute

2.3. 2013: Began substitute teaching primarily at middle and high schools

2.4. 2015: Took first long-term substitute job at Lake Region High School

2.5. 2016: Began teaching full-time at Lake Region High School

2.6. 2017: Attended AP Computer Science Principles professional development

3. Learning Strengths

3.1. Visual: I love making charts and graphics like this!

3.2. Active: I learn best from active participation

3.3. Summative: I like taking notes on the most important info

3.4. Technological: I'm great at learning how to use new tech tools

3.5. Written: I am comfortable with academic writing

4. Learning Weaknesses

4.1. Auditory: It is very difficult for me to learn through hearing

4.2. Specific: I tend to need help narrowing down topics and ideas

4.3. Abstract: I prefer having real-life, relatable, concrete examples

4.4. Poor Design: I am easily frustrated with poorly designed tech tools

5. Career Responsibilities

5.1. Digital Design, Web Design, and AP Computer Science Principles Teacher

5.2. Future Business Leaders of America Chapter Advisor

5.3. Website Team Instructor and Social Media Manager

5.4. Southeastern University Adjunct Professor for Intro to Web Design