Support Teacher

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Support Teacher by Mind Map: Support Teacher

1. School tasks

1.1. Participate in the IPRC process

1.2. Participate in creation of IEP and Transition Plan.

1.3. Assist in meeting with parents and in-school team.

1.4. Assist in effective inclusion of student in classroom activities

1.5. Assist with effective inclusion of student in extra-curricular activities

1.6. Direct parents to community partners to help families

2. Supporting teachers

2.1. Out of class support

2.1.1. Communication between Teacher and Support Teacher Initial Questions to ask Support Teacher: What types of instruction/assessment work best for this student? What are some of this student's interests and goals? What strategies have been successful and unsuccessful for this student in the past? What feedback have the parents given in the past? How do the parents support the student outside of the school? Ongoing things to discuss with Support Teacher What feedback has the support teacher received from the student about the classroom teacher's teaching strategies and vice versa? discuss what strategies the support teacher and classroom teacher have found to be successful and unsuccessful. Based on observations, discuss what expectations the classroom teacher and support teacher believe the student is capable of achieving. Discuss student goals/expectations to ensure that the work that is being done with the classroom teacher and the support teacher is working towards the same goals.

2.1.2. Referals Refer the teacher to proper research or documents to help a student in need Assessment tools Refer to the specialists or give the teacher the proper forms to refer to a specialist

2.1.3. Assist with the creation of a transition plan for the student into a new grade, into high school and out of school.

2.2. In class support

2.2.1. In class observation Offer retroaction on techniques and strategies used that might not be working for student Modeling succesful techniques and strategies

3. Supporting students

3.1. In class support

3.1.1. In class observation to give feedback to the teacher on how to better meet the needs of the student.

3.1.2. One on one support during lessons

3.2. Assistive Tools and Technologies

3.2.1. Which assistive tools and technologies does this student have access to?

3.2.2. Which assistive tools and technologies have been helpful to this student in the past? How?

3.2.3. Which assistive tools and technologies that have not previously been used, might be helpful to this student? How?

3.3. Out of class support

3.3.1. Creating an action plan for students in need. Ex: What actions must be taken if a student runs away from class.

3.3.2. Support Teacher could offer a quieter space for student to work with less distractions and more monitored teacher support.

3.3.3. Small group clinics to help students with specific learning needs

3.3.4. When required, assess students suspected of having exceptionalities

3.3.5. Removing student from class for one on one focused clinics