Self Publishing Evaluation

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Self Publishing Evaluation by Mind Map: Self Publishing Evaluation

1. Development

1.1. original material

1.1.1. to be copyrighted, trademarked, business secret, or otherwise protected

1.1.2. non-copyrighted

1.2. others' material

1.2.1. copyright(s) or other right(s) as needed

1.2.2. open source/fair use/no copyright/public domain

2. Design

2.1. Determine Target Audience

2.1.1. small distribution

2.1.2. low cost, medium quality

2.2. Identify Varying Expectations

2.2.1. for profit

2.2.2. for memento

2.2.3. for chronicle

3. Analyze

3.1. Right format and audience? Any changes, e.g., break up product into smaller units?

3.2. Any printing, distribution, or payment problems to fix?

3.3. Enough demand? Distribution proper? Cost effective if for profit?

4. Implement

4.1. covers and binding - hired out or done by self?

4.2. distribution identification

4.2.1. For payment?

4.2.2. Bank account(s), info

4.2.3. internet/credit cards, money orders, etc.

4.2.4. courtesy copies for sales - maximize benefit

4.3. Set up a new corporate structure, perhaps with limited liability?

4.4. What kind of advertising, in addition to "free" copies to targeted entities?