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California Science Center Globe by Mind Map: California Science Center Globe

1. Ocean

1.1. Coral Bleaching Alert

1.2. Catlin Seaview Survey

1.3. Autorun: Coral Reefs in Hot Water

1.4. Fisheries Catch Model 2005-2050

1.5. Whale Migration and Phytoplankton (permissions pending)

1.6. Kiosk: Selector buttons with art/descriptor panels. Science Bulletins video toggles for Corals

2. Land

2.1. Vegetation: Real Time from Suomi

2.2. MODIS Land Cover

2.2.1. Buttons from pictures of different land cover types

2.2.2. Forest Change Kiosk: Selectable overlays on the MODIS Land Cover to allow people to see where forest land has changed the most in modern times

2.2.3. version 1

2.2.4. version 2

2.2.5. version 3

2.3. Kiosk: Science Bulletins Land Cover mapping videos from Congo, Vietnam

2.4. Kiosk: Science Bulletins video of urban sprawl in Phoenix

3. Climate/Global Temperature

3.1. Historical

3.1.1. Sphere: NOAA Temperature Anomaly (1880-2016)

3.1.2. Kiosk Global climate dashboard assets: SoS descriptor/media assets

3.2. Projections

3.2.1. Fossil-Fuel Intensive Future Sphere: GFDL model of RCP8.5

3.2.2. Moderate Mitigation Sphere: GFDL model of RCP6.0

3.2.3. Aggressive Mitigation Sphere: GFDL model of RCP4.5

3.2.4. Drawdown Sphere: GFDL RCP2.6

3.2.5. Kiosk: Selector buttons with art/descriptor panel toggle for each RCP Some excellent content, not written for this audience, available from skeptical science

3.3. Drawdown

3.3.1. Sphere: GFDL RCP2.6

3.3.2. Kiosk: Context: this visualization shows the aspirational goal of COP21 (Paris Accord). If all nations exceed their commitments and keep the globe under a 2-degree C warming, this is the climate projection matching that goal and outcome. Project Drawdown art assets Project Drawdown Video toggle

4. Climate/Sea Ice

4.1. Natural Cycles

4.1.1. Sphere: EVL 2009 Sea Ice visualization from SOS library

4.2. Long-term change

4.2.1. September sea ice 1978-2018

4.3. Kiosk:

4.3.1. Sea Ice/Science Bulletins Video toggle

4.3.2. Navigation of the time series above, and allow button choice for either time series.

4.3.3. Question for CSC: if user chooses movie, time series navigation goes away or stays?

5. Autorun SoS content library

5.1. Science Bulletins

5.1.1. Forecast: Tropical Cyclone

5.1.2. Coral in Hot Water

5.1.3. Biodiversity and Climate Change

5.1.4. Green Machine: Ocean Productivity without captions

5.2. Institute on the Environment

5.2.1. 2 Billion Coming to Dinner

5.2.2. Eating Water in spanish

5.3. SVS

5.3.1. Loop

5.4. ClimateBits

5.4.1. Urban Heat Islands in Spanish

5.4.2. Phytoplankton in Spanish

6. Home

6.1. Autorun random selection if no interaction for x minutes (need CSC kiosk branding art and attract statement, ie. "touch here to start")

6.2. Global Temperature

6.3. Sea Ice

6.4. Ocean

6.5. Land