Renewable Energy

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Renewable Energy by Mind Map: Renewable Energy

1. What is?

1.1. An alternative, and a key

1.1.1. To combite climate change

2. What are?

2.1. They naturally replenish themselves and never run out

2.1.1. Solar

2.1.2. Wind

2.1.3. Hydro

2.1.4. Geothermal

3. The Problem

3.1. 80% Consuptios by hummans

3.1.1. Derived of fossil fuels

4. Benefits

4.1. No direct greenhouse gas emissions (minimal)

4.2. Decrease pollution

4.3. Reliable source of power

4.4. Prices stables

5. Downsides

5.1. Generate power on smaller scale and use same large scale of fossil fuels

5.2. Intermittence (For example: Wind, Solar)

5.3. Costs