Renewable Energy

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Renewable Energy by Mind Map: Renewable Energy

1. What is it?

1.1. It is a type of energy resources that replentish themsefs naturally.

2. Examples

2.1. Wind Energy

2.2. Solar

2.3. Geothermal

2.4. Hydro

3. Which sources does it fight with?

3.1. Petroleum

3.2. Natural Gas

3.3. Coal

3.4. Nuclear

4. Which are the benefits?

4.1. Generates no greenhouse gases

4.2. Drecreases pollution

4.3. Will never run out

4.4. Produces free energy

4.5. Prices will be stable

5. Which are the disadvantages?

5.1. Disrrupts wildlife

5.2. Can be intermitent

5.3. Produces less energy than traditional sources