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1. What is?

1.1. Is generated from sources that naturally replenish themselves and never run out

1.2. The sources that naturally give us could help us to combate climate changes

2. Benefits

2.1. Creates no direct greenhouse gas emissions because there is not emission of gasses.

2.2. Renewable energy is a reliable source of power

2.3. Although some produce pollution in minimal amounts are more those that do not produce

2.4. Renewables are the fastes growing source of energy in the world

2.5. C

3. Downsides

3.1. Can disrupt wildlife

3.2. Some of them can be intermittent

3.3. is difficult that energy sources generate power on the same large scale as fossil fuels

4. Types

4.1. Wind

4.2. Hydro

4.3. Geothermal

4.4. Solar

4.5. Biomass