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1. It is the energy that is obtained by natural source.

2. types

2.1. Hydraulic energy

2.1.1. The water in its fall passes through hydraulic turbines, which transmit the energy

2.2. solar

2.2.1. Energy that comes from the Sun

2.3. Eolica energy

2.3.1. transform the force that the wind has on electricity

2.4. Geotermal Energy

2.4.1. is obtained by taking advantage of the natural heat of the interior of the earth that.

2.5. Biomass Energy

2.5.1. Use of organic animal and plant matter or agro-industrial waste

3. Benefits

3.1. They are more respectful with the environment, do not pollute and represent the cleanest energy alternative so far.

3.2. They are easy to dismantle and do not require custody of their waste for millions of years, as for example with nuclear energy.

3.3. They are safe energies since they do not pollute, nor do they pose a risk to health, and their waste also does not create any type of threat for anyone.

3.4. It is about source energies that are inexhaustible, in addition their different origins allow their application in all kinds of scenarios.

4. Disadvantage

4.1. It takes a lot of money

4.2. Depending on their source, they need a large space to develop, or have a large system for some effect to arise

4.3. Another problem of renewable energies, many of them have a diffuse nature