Renewable energies

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Renewable energies by Mind Map: Renewable energies

1. What are those

1.1. Generated from sources

1.1.1. That naturally replenish themselves

1.2. They never run out

2. Benefits

2.1. Combate climate change

2.2. Price of renewable energies remain stable over time

2.3. Reduces greenhouse gas emissions and pollution

3. Types

3.1. Solar


3.2. Hydro

3.3. Air

3.4. Geothermal

3.5. Biomass

4. "For the period from 2023 to 2030 the earth will reach the point of no return"

5. Downsides

5.1. Generates energy on scales much lower than fossil fuels

5.2. Build wind farms, can affect wildlife and migrations

5.3. Energy might be intermittent