Copy of Environmental history

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Copy of Environmental history by Mind Map: Copy of Environmental history

1. Asteroid hitting the Earth

1.1. It had more energy than the atomic bombs that hit Hiroshima and Nagasaki

1.1.1. It ended up with the domination of dinosaurs It sets a path to follow for the evolution

1.2. It ended up with the domination of the dinosaurs

1.3. It set a pathway for the evolution to follow

2. Plowing up the World's Grasslands

2.1. This process was driven by the transport revolution

2.2. The growing society needed a lot more grain to fill up their needs

2.3. Indigenous communities were forced to leave their lands

3. Bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki

3.1. Introduction of nuclear weapons

3.1.1. Now, the possibility of erasing ourselves from Earth was able to happen

3.1.2. It set two points of view: improve this technology and take a step back and reconsider what we were doing as a society.

4. Human's conceptualisation about themselves

4.1. With the concern about the environment, two ways of see life are pounding.

4.1.1. People who thinks that sustainable ways of living are just a invention of the government in order to destroy their countries

4.1.2. People who thinks that, because we have reason, we have the responsibility about taking care of the Earth

5. Nuclear disaster Chernobyl

5.1. This situation make Society to take a step back and reconsider what the use of nuclear energy could do and how we are not able to control it

6. Neolithic Agricultural Revolution

6.1. Most important ecological event

6.1.1. It happened in parallel development all around the world

6.2. Agriculture changed the way humans interacted with other species

7. Drilling World's First Oil Well

7.1. Titusville, Pennsylvania. The first to be drilled with mechanical power

7.2. This sets a change from coal economy to an oil/gas one.

7.2.1. It propitiated a development of urban expansions

7.2.2. With this, the environmental pollution increased.

8. Operation rhino

8.1. Human took part on white rhino's extinction.

8.1.1. Some people was against the idea of taking part of natural processes, because that could lead to another consequences

9. Increase of the pollution

9.1. Lots of social ideas turned around this problematic.

9.1.1. Whether the government was involved, and how to fix that

9.1.2. Whether the perspective of social relations with the environment had to change

9.2. The therm "green house effect" beggins to be used as a reference of pollution effects

9.3. As a consequence, massive animal extinction occurred

9.4. Occurred because of industry that tried to feed our needs by destroying our environment

9.5. It propitiated the creation of environmental organisations and programs in order to fix what was done.

10. Green campaigns

10.1. Social organizations took part of preserving the environment

10.1.1. Greenpeace

11. Assassination of Chico Mendes

11.1. This part of the history became a symbol of what is called the environmentalism of the poor