Digital Citizenship

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Digital Citizenship by Mind Map: Digital Citizenship

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2. If you put personal or embarrassing things online, find a way to make them personal, so that not everyone can look at your things.

3. Watch out for people trying to trick you. They can trick you by having you open a tempting pop-up, or having you give out personal information in order for you to sign up for a website. Stay clear of those tricks!

4. When making new passwords, make sure that they won't be easy to figure out. If criminals, or just random people find out what it is, they could get into your bank, your e-mail, and so forth.

5. Your passwords shouldn't include pets names, addresses, or easy information. They could be your favorite quote, or a song lyric. Find a way to make it short and quite simple to remember.

6. Never ever, no matter what you do, give out your information to anybody! Keep your passwords and your information to yourself. You are the only one you can absolutely trust with that information.

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8. Be careful of what you put online because you could wreck you and your friend's reputation. Your future may depend on it as well, so you don't want to ruin it. Keep it awesome and good!

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