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ADDIE by Mind Map: ADDIE

1. Analyse

1.1. Determine the learning outcomes or objectives. What kind of change do you want the course to effect in learners? This could be thought of in terms of a competency framework.

1.1.1. Write a narrative description of the aims of the course, and the change the course is intended to make in learners.

1.1.2. List skills students will develop and demonstrate during the course. Link skills to employability competencies

1.2. What are the constraints: What mechanisms is this experience bound to (i.e. benchmarks, NQFs, PSRBs); What is the time frame; What tools are available

1.2.1. List learning outcomes Required assessment methodologies (where required)

1.2.2. List benchmark statments

1.2.3. Create timeframe Developing Testing Implementing Summative evaluation

1.2.4. List available tools and resources

1.2.5. Identify key project variables Cost Schedule Requirements Risks

2. Design

2.1. Storyboarding the course, creating a framework for the activities and learning instruments, putting them in an order than makes narrative sense and can be directly linked to learning objectives.

2.1.1. Create timeline of activities with associated resources Formative assessment points Link activities to learning outcomes and skills Summative assessment points Link activities to learning outcomes and skills Peer support activities Independent learning activities Guided learning activities Feedback opportunities From students To students Copyright clearance for required resources

3. Develop

3.1. Iteratively prepare the materials outlined by the storyboard including instructional materials.

3.1.1. Write / revise course introduction

3.1.2. Complete essential course information including contact info.

3.1.3. Create / revise resources for each topic. Test Copyright clearance

3.1.4. Create / revise formative assessment instruments and guidance. Test

3.1.5. Create / revise summative assessment instruments and guidance. Test

4. Implement

4.1. Run the course

4.1.1. Compile feedback

4.1.2. Regular reflections on experiences

5. Evaluate

5.1. Collect and analyse student feedback and results of reflective evaluations. Develop a plan for modifications to course (back to Analysis stage).

5.1.1. Did we meet the goals as set out in the analysis phase?

5.1.2. Take feedback and place back into analysis phase

5.1.3. Identify other training requirements

5.1.4. Possible change in media types or approach