How Do I Select the Right Tools For My Lesson and Students?

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How Do I Select the Right Tools For My Lesson and Students? by Mind Map: How Do I Select the Right Tools For My Lesson and  Students?

1. I wish my students would get more interested in reading current event stories

1.1. Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality

1.2. Incorporate video

2. Questions to consider when choosing a tool

2.1. Is the app easy to use?

2.2. Is it free, or are there costs associated with it?

2.3. Can students easily download their creations from it on their desktop to Google Drive?

2.4. Is the tool FERPA and COPPA compliant?

2.5. Is it easy for students to set up?

2.6. Can students use their gmail to sign in?

2.7. Can students use the tool to add text, images, voiceovers, and videos to their work?

2.8. Does it give students a place to leave comments or feedback?

2.9. Can students students use the tool to share their creations with a global audience?

2.10. Is it available on multiple platforms- iPads, desktops, chromebooks?

2.11. How easily can parents see their child's work?

2.12. Does it help students make their thinking visible, give them a voice, and allow them to share their work?

3. Big Ideas

3.1. Accessibility

3.2. Ease of use

3.3. Sharing

3.4. 21st Century Skills and

4. What is something you wish you were able to do when teaching? Phrase it as a problem statement or a "I wish I could..."

4.1. I wish I was able to easily level the stories I gave my students to read online

4.1.1. Newslea

4.2. How do I keep my students engaged during my lectures?

4.2.1. Nearpod/Peardeck - offers formative assessment in real time throughout your power point slides

5. Why Technology?

5.1. 21st Century Skills

5.2. Allows for student voice and choice

5.3. Differentiates Instruction and Curriculum

5.4. Expands and Enhances Curriculum

5.5. Turns classroom into a student centered environment

5.6. Move from learning and consuming content to using, interacting with, and producing content that serves a purpose and meets your lesson objectives.

6. Teacher websites to review

6.1. Blackboard shell

6.2. What did you like/dislike?

6.3. Benefits of the site

6.4. Do you see yourself utilizing this site on a regular basis as a practicing teacher?

6.5. Social Networking - Twitter Chats

7. What Do I Believe About Technology Now at the Start of Class? How should it be used? Why should it be used?

7.1. At the end of class, how have my views changed? What influenced this change?

8. How Do I ensure my students' rights and privacy are respected as they use technology?

8.1. In two groups, generate ideas of activities that would occur in your classroom or at a school that would be impacted by any of the technology related laws you read about in the TGT.