7 Functions of the New England Patriots

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7 Functions of the New England Patriots by Mind Map: 7 Functions of the New England Patriots

1. Product Service Management

1.1. Jerseys

1.2. Tickets

1.3. Hats

1.3.1. Every year, the Patriots come out with a new set of hat designs. This year, they have the new 2018 Sideline hats available for the start of the upcoming football season.

2. Pricing

2.1. Jerseys: As you increase in size, jersey costs increase as well. Infant jersey prices start at $45, while elite men and women jerseys get up to $375.

2.2. Tickets: Since the Patriots are an elite football program and have been for many years, their tickets will cost more than almost every other NFL team. Even when the Patriots are on the road, ticket sales for that game go up. Home games for the Patriots are starting at a price of $150 and the most expensive ticket selling for almost $1500!

2.3. Hats: Patriots hats cost from $10-40, but they are on sale a lot of the time. On the ProShop website, hats that are originally $25-27 are now $10.

3. Distribution

3.1. Customers can receive their products from online athletic stores, like Dick's or NFL pro shop, or they can personally go get Patriot's gear at local sports stores in the Boston area. Shipping is available for people who want to buy things not living in the Boston area too. Shipping is available worldwide and nationwide, through the air, by sea, or on a truck.

4. Financing

4.1. The Patriots accept really any form of payment for their products, whether it is card or cash. Online, you really have no option but to pay online. At stores though, you have the option to pay with cash or card. They really do not have a preference because either way, they are making money!

5. Selling

5.1. The Patriots sell their products in a variety of ways. Since they are a very popular sports team, you are able to find their apparel anywhere across the country. They are found in almost every Dick's Sporting Goods websites, maybe even in stores. In the Boston area, stores are selling Patriots gear everywhere. Tickets can be bought online on many different websites. The place to find the most Patriots gear is the Patriots ProShop online. You can also buy tickets, hats, jerseys, and much more at Gillette Stadium where they play.

6. Promoting

6.1. The New England Patriots have many opportunities from sponsorships that are available to fans. Their sponsorship with Uber, signed in 2016, allows for fans to be able to get picked up and dropped off at the stadium. There is a specific lot for this to happen in. Ticketmaster just signed a sponsorship with the Patriots this year, so fans will be able to get discounts and sales on tickets.

7. Marketing-Information Management

7.1. The Patriots are pretty much on all social media outlets, so it is very easy for them to gain access to customer satisfaction. They are on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. If I were a part of the Patriots organization, the questions I would ask are: What do you like/dislike about the products we sell? What can we do to improve them? How can we improve customer satisfaction as a whole?