Chick-Fil-A Seven Functions of Marketing

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Chick-Fil-A Seven Functions of Marketing by Mind Map: Chick-Fil-A Seven Functions of Marketing

1. Product Service Management

1.1. 1)Chick-Fil-A Nuggets 2)Spicy Chicken Sandwich 3)Waffle Potato Fries

1.1.1. Within the past year Chick-Fil-A has added Waffle Potato Chips to the menu. They're based on the famous Waffle Fries.

2. Distribution

2.1. It's a food chain but you can only buy the food in the restaurant.

3. Marketing-Information Management

3.1. They provide customers with surveys and the option to give feedback. The company has an Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

3.2. Three questions I would ask a customer to help gain feedback on the food Chick-Fil-A offers: How did everything taste? Did you have a good experience? Is there anything we can do better?

4. Financing

4.1. Customers can pay with credit or debit card, cash, and online.

5. Selling

5.1. They sell their products in stores and computers and mobile devices.

6. Pricing

6.1. Chick-Fil-A Nuggets - $3.89 Spicy Chicken Sandwich - $4.09 Waffle Potato Fries - $1.95

7. Promotion

7.1. They advertise on billboards and customers can create a Chick-Fil-A One account where they can get rewards such as free food.