7 Functions of Marketing: Olive Garden

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7 Functions of Marketing: Olive Garden by Mind Map: 7 Functions of Marketing: Olive Garden

1. Product Service Management

1.1. I product that was changed or improved They originally had been adding salt to their water to help make the pasta not so bland but they had to stop becasue it was ruining their pots

1.2. Chicken Alfredo

1.3. 3 Products from Olive Garden 1: Unlimited Soups and Salads 2: Chicken Alfredo Pasta 3: Lasagna- Classico

2. Marketing Information Management

2.1. They have online Satisfactory Surveys and their contacts on the bottom of their website

2.2. Social Media: Twitter and Pinterest

2.3. 3 Question they ask customers 1, How was the customer service? 2. Did you get exactly what you ordered? 3. What things do you think we should change to make your experience better?

3. Pricing

3.1. 6.99- Unlimited Soups and Salads 12.99- Chicken Alfredo 17.29- Lasagna-Classico

3.2. You can get the Buy one Take one for 12.99. Also you can get Lunch Duos for 6.99 and Dinner Duos for 8.99

3.3. Here's the Ad for Dinner Duos

4. Promotion

4.1. They have the newest commercials for the Buy one Take one 12.99 deal. Additionnal they have a club you can join online where you'll get rewards and deals.

5. Distribution

5.1. Since it is a Resturant it's taken to you by a waitor or waitress. Unless its Catered then they bring it to you by their business truck Catering, Distibution, and Sit Downs

5.2. The Truck

6. Finacing

6.1. Payment: They let you use Debit, Credit, Gift Cards, and Cash

7. Selling

7.1. Online- They have ways for you to go online and either order Catering or Pick up Resturants- Come in ,Sit Down and Eat