7 Functions of Contigo

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7 Functions of Contigo by Mind Map: 7 Functions of Contigo

1. Product/ Service Management

1.1. Contigo sells an array of beverage holders such as mugs, water bottles, and shaker bottles. In the past year, Contigo has redesigned their classic mug to include a handle in order for one handed drinking to be an easy, achievable action on the go.

1.2. Contigo Handled AutoSeal Travel Mug

1.2.1. Contigo Couture ThermaLock Water Bottle Contigo Shake & Go

2. Pricing

2.1. The Contigo Shake & Go Fit is sold at full price for $10.99, but with the 30% off Labor Day Sale, it is only $7.69

2.2. The Contigo Couture ThermaLock Water Bottle is sold at full price for $19.99, but with the 30% off Labor Day Sale, it is only $13.99

2.3. The Contigo Handled AutoSeal Travel Mug is sold at full price for $24.99, but with the 30% off Labor Day Sale, it is only $17.49.

3. Distribution

3.1. If you purchase a Contigo product online, it will be shipped to you through the postal system and you will have it in 5-7 business days. However, if you purchase a product in any of the stores named in the "Selling" section of this map, you walk out with it in your hand!

4. Promotion

4.1. Currently, gocontigo.com is having a promotional sale for Labor Day weekend. If you use code LABORDAY, you can save 30% off the entire site.

4.2. Furthermore, becoming a Contigo Insider, their rewards program, can get you exclusives, deals, and new product information.

5. Marketing-Information Management

5.1. Contigo makes an effort to understand what their customers want. On their website, they talk about how they "tirelessly send out surveys, conduct focus groups, and watch how [we] use a product at home, in the office or even on the train" in order to discover what they can do to make the best product. Additionally, they closely monitor the larger platforms of social media in order to discover what their consumers like and don't like about their products.

5.2. Does your hot drink get cold too fast? Does the AutoSeal button require too much force to push? Do you wish we had more color choices for the AutoSpout Water Bottle? These are all questions that may be featured on a Contigo survey. Their surveys consist of questions regarding what potential problems consumers could have.

6. Selling

6.1. Contigo is sold online through their official website and in many stores across the globe. They have their products in Costco in Canada, The United States, and Mexico. Additionally, products can be found in Ace Hardware, Barnes and Noble, Bed Bath and Beyond, Best Buy and BJ's Wholesale in both the US and Canada. Outside of North America, they have products in stores within Asia, Europe, South America, and Australia.

7. Financing

7.1. On Contigo's website, they only accept payment through credit or gift card. But, you can purchase Contigo products in stores almost everywhere, in this case, the form of payment is the suppliers discretion.