7 Functions of Marketing for Apple

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7 Functions of Marketing for Apple by Mind Map: 7 Functions of Marketing for Apple

1. Apple's original price for their i pods were $299, $199, and $149. The sale prices for the i pods are $268, $178, and $138. You will save $31, $21, and $11. The better the product the more money you will save based on the price of the product. The better the product, the higher the price, the more money you save with the sale price.

2. Apple prices their products based on what customers are willing to pay and what they can pay. Apple prices their product at a fair amount for any customer looking to buy their product. They also look at competitors prices such as Samsung.

3. Apple provides a numerous amount of accessories ranging from headphones, mouse, keyboard, apple tv, chargers, etc... to provide customers what they want and also to provide much profit as possible

4. Apple has been putting surveys at the bottom of their receipts after a purchase or a survey after purchasing one of their products online to see what their customers have to say/ improve their technology or staff

5. Apple has made new and improved products. From the I phone 4 (right) to the I phone X (left) you can see an improvement with the size, camera, home button, etc...

6. Apple has many interesting and very thought-out promotional ideas. They have many ranging from seasonal to back to school. This promo is a back to school advertisement to promote a purchase of a computer/ iPad and get free wireless headphones. These promotions will drive more people in to buy their product.

7. Apple has now made it easier to get their products without going to the store. You are able to use their online store, for in store pickup, shipping, and in store shipping.

8. Product Service Management

9. Distribution

10. Marketing Information Management

11. Pricing

12. Selling

13. Promotion

14. Financing