7 Functions of GoPro

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7 Functions of GoPro by Mind Map: 7 Functions of GoPro

1. 7. Financing

1.1. The forms of payment depends on where the GoPro is being purchased.

1.2. On Amazon, customers can pay with card, paypal, and many online options

1.3. -On shop.gopro.com, customers have the optikon to pay through credit, paypal credit, or paypal

1.4. Shopping in stores, people are usually able to pay however they want, whether it is with cash, card, etc.

1.5. Because purchasing a camera isn't considered a long term investment, paying for a GoPro isn't considered something that needs the option to be paid for over time.

2. 6. Selling

2.1. This company sells its products through a variety of ways, including many pther stores and websites

2.2. -Amazon

2.3. Walmart

2.4. Shop.GoPro.com

2.5. Many stores that are related to adventuring and have connections with GoPro's distributing companies

3. 1. Product/Service Management

3.1. -Waterproof cases

3.2. -Extension poles

3.3. -Head straps

3.4. GoPro will launch the HERO 6 Black on September 28,2018. The camera has many new features, including: -4k60 video vs. 4k30 -more advanced video stablization -better voice control -touch zoom

4. 2. Pricing

4.1. Water proof "Standard Housing" Case: $49.99

4.2. 38" Extension Poles: $59.99

4.3. Head Strap: $19.99

4.4. -You get $100 off when you trade in any GoPro or digital camera in any condition. -1 or 2 free SD cards, deoending on which Model -free two-day shipping and returns

5. 3. Distribution

5.1. -Major retailers: Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon

5.2. -Specialty retailers: Alpine Tracks Inc., The Outdoor Gear Exchange, Green Mountain Camera

5.3. Distributing through their website: You can order right off the website with the option to return back as well

6. 5. Marketing Information Management

6.1. GoPro has many twitter accounts with millions of followers, including a main one and other sub accounts for specific countries. These accounts help them show videos made with their camera and to connect with the users of their product.

6.2. GoPro also has many instagram accounts with millions of followers as well, also allowing the company to share footage with their customers and vise versa

6.3. ...

7. 4. Promotion

7.1. Sending back old cameras to get a discount of $50-$100 on a new camera

7.2. Student discounts! Students can benefit from 20% off their GoPro purchase with proof of enrollment.