7 Functions of Marketing for New Balance

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7 Functions of Marketing for New Balance by Mind Map: 7 Functions of Marketing for New Balance

1. Product/service Management

1.1. 1. New balance freeze cleats; They changed the new balance freeze cleats by putting in a more comfortable sole and adding a sleeker design

1.2. 2. Dryfit T-shirt

1.3. 3. Liverpool winter wear hoodie

2. Pricing

2.1. Freeze cleats cost about $110

2.2. The dryfit T-shirt costs about $55

2.3. The Liverpool hoodie is usually $70 but is on sale right now for $50

3. Distribution

3.1. -New balance ships to you

3.2. -In store pick up

4. Marketing Information Management

4.1. 1. Online surveys is one way they get feedback from customer

4.2. 2. Advertisements on Instagram, and also does endorsements with professional athletes

5. Selling

5.1. New balance sells through there stores, and online through various websites

6. Financing

6.1. Cash, credit, online, debit

7. Promotion

7.1. -10% labor day sale coupons in magazines

7.2. -When you spend "x" amount of money you get NB rewards