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Deposition by Mind Map: Deposition

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1.1. Common to all docs

1.1.1. Thumbnail

1.1.2. Doc Name Debrah Lewis

1.1.3. Doc description

1.1.4. Excerpt

1.1.5. Indicators Cuts Folders Comments

1.1.6. Tag count

1.1.7. Info Date Custodian Filename

1.2. Depo specific

1.2.1. Witness performance dimensions (1-5) Trust Comfort Believable content Believable sentiment Short description Body language Consistency

1.2.2. Org Dell Childrens Hospital

1.2.3. Description of deponent Neighbor of the doctor

1.2.4. Total evidence score issue for or against (1-5) Issues and rating for each

1.2.5. whose side? Is plaintiff (name) is defendant (name) Is for plaintiff (name) is for defendant (name) Is neutral

1.2.6. Flag: Is an expert

1.2.7. action: download, open, summary

1.2.8. Flag: if preservation trial deposition

1.2.9. Deposed persons title Nurse