Security Model

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Security Model by Mind Map: Security Model

1. Technology

1.1. Security Model

1.1.1. Create New Business Units

1.1.2. Parent / Map Existing Teams to New BU

1.1.3. Permissions Modify Existing Flinders Base Role --> Parent: Child Business Unit Implement Access Teams Create Confidential Case Permission Set / Roles Field Level Security: For NEW Forms

1.1.4. Migration Move Existing Users

1.1.5. Teams: Create New Teams / Queues

1.2. Portal

1.2.1. New Categories / Areas ISSU Counselling Office of Indigenous Strategy and Engagement Disablity Student Complaint Student Learning Centre Transition Office International Recruitment

1.2.2. New BU Forms Counseling Triage FSN Activity Review

1.2.3. Workflow / Templates

1.3. Testing

1.3.1. DEV

1.3.2. TEST

1.3.3. UAT User Involvment

1.4. Auto reply templates

1.5. CRM Internal

1.5.1. Update Case History Audit Entity

1.5.2. Existing Teams / US Investigation into Teams / Queues Reconfigure Teams / Queues Review and Add Routing Rules Reconfigure

1.5.3. Reporting Fulfill Mark Drechsler Requirements

2. People

2.1. On Board New BU Areas

2.2. Train New users on Case Management

2.3. Provide Guidance on Moving from Inbox -->CRM

2.4. Support Users through Transition

2.5. Communicate to Students: All Request via Ask Flinders

2.6. Communicate New Processes

3. Processes

3.1. Credit Transfer Application Process

3.2. Standardization of Case Management Processes

3.3. Student Complaints Process

3.4. Requisite Waiver Application Process

3.5. using Access Teams

3.6. Auto Reply Templates

3.7. **Retire Inboxes and Move to CRM Forms**

4. OUT of Scope

4.1. FAQs for NEW BU's

4.2. Wider Reporting Needs

4.3. Event Registrations

4.4. Resource Bookings

4.5. Migration of DOM Recruitment into 'Accounts'