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1. Definition

1.1. is the proper allocation and efficient use of available resources for the maximum satisfaction of human wants

1.1.1. Production

1.1.2. Distribution

1.1.3. Consumption

2. Divisions of Economics

2.1. Macroeconomics

2.1.1. studies the overall economy

2.2. Microeconomics

2.2.1. individual consumers and producers

3. Economic Systems

3.1. are the means by which countries and governments distribute resources and trade goods and services.

3.1.1. Capitalism Welfare Capitalism State Capitalism

3.1.2. Socialism

3.1.3. Mixed Economy

4. Economic Trends

4.1. Diversity in workplace

4.2. Globalization

4.3. Demand for educated profession

4.4. Self-Employment

5. Importance of Economics to the Society

6. Functions and Roles of Economics

7. Economic Problems

7.1. Inflation risk

7.2. Environmental Threats

8. Education and the Economy

8.1. Education is an investment, education pays