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Germ-cell tumor by Mind Map: Germ-cell tumor

1. Undifferentiated

1.1. Dysgerminoma

1.1.1. Most common malignant germ cell tumor

1.1.2. Or Undifferentiated germ cell tumor

1.1.3. tumor marker LDH

1.1.4. Testis Seminoma

1.1.5. Gonad Germinoma

2. Differentiated

2.1. Embryonic

2.1.1. Teroma Mature teratoma (Dermoid cyst) Mostly Benign, contains several different types of tissue such as skin, muscle, and bone. Most common of germ-cell tumor Immate teratoma Mostly Malignancy

2.2. Extra Embryonic

2.2.1. Endodermal sinus tumor (EST) Or Yolk sac tumor tumor marker AFP

2.2.2. Choriocarcinoma CA of trophobalstic cell Favor invade vessel Rapid metastasis Tumor Marker Beta-HCG

2.3. Embryonal Carcinoma