7 Functions of Marketing for Adidas

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7 Functions of Marketing for Adidas by Mind Map: 7 Functions of Marketing for Adidas

1. Adidas stores is the best way to find out what products are hot and in style at the moment also the best way for communication. Selling

2. High demand for turtle dove yeezys price went from $200 to $2700. Pricing

3. Adidas uses these ads to let customers know about new products and old products on sale to get them to check out their stores and websites. Promotion

4. Adidas employee is helping this customer find what she wants and providing this customer with the Adidas products. Financing

5. Adidas came out with brand new sneaker technology adding the white boost to the bottom of shoes for more comfort and mobility Product/Service Management

6. Adidas distributes a lot of their products from their factories using trucks. The trucks distribute their goods to stores and other warehouses. Distribution

7. Adidas uses this survey to gain information about their stores and products and what they can improve Marketing-Information Management