Tempe Early Childhood resource site

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Tempe Early Childhood resource site by Mind Map: Tempe Early Childhood resource site

1. Home

1.1. brief overview of Tempe Early Childhood resource page. It will have the most important information included so that I can grab the visitor's attention, so that they continue to visit the page

1.1.1. Digital Logo: I will create a logo for my site

2. Contact

2.1. So parents can contact me if they have any questions or if a school wants to have their school listed on my site.

2.1.1. Google form: For parents with questions: Name, Email, Question For Schools: Name, Name of School, Email, Question/Request to list or update their listing

2.1.2. Social Media: Create a Facebook Page for my site

2.1.3. CanvaDesign: design Facebook header and business cards

3. Choosing a Preschool

3.1. Information about how to choose the best preschool to fit your child

3.1.1. Infographic:: Create graphic that shows the kindergarten readiness standards for Arizona.

3.1.2. Video: Showing a typical preschool classroom.

4. About

4.1. The about page will provide more detail about the Tempe Early Childhood resource site, why we created it and the founders so that the visitors on the site can put a face to the name of my organization

4.1.1. Digital Photo Editing: Include photos of the founder of the site

5. Tempe Preschools

5.1. List of preschools in Tempe with brief description of each school, contact phone number and link to their website. Maybe include reviews like YELP?

5.1.1. Digital Photo editing: I will make images to go with each preschool listing. Maybe using their school logos.

5.1.2. Screenshot: I will do a screenshot of this page with bubbles explaining a sample listing. (Name of school, type of school--like Montessori, Description of school, Neighborhood it is in, contact information,etc.)

6. Reference

6.1. This page will list all the references I used

6.1.1. Digital Logo: Will show my logo here

7. Website Tag line: Our Goal is to find the best preschool for your child