Teen Dating Violence

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Teen Dating Violence by Mind Map: Teen Dating Violence

1. Home

1.1. The Home Page will provide an overview of the cite. It will give a safe and comforting feeling to those who come searching for help or answers.

1.1.1. Home page will have the official cite Logo

1.1.2. Home page will have Digital Photo Editing

1.1.3. An App will be used to help people take a quiz that will determine what kind of dating violence they are experiencing.

2. Reference

2.1. This page will include my background information as well as the information of the other people that are listed as a resource.

2.1.1. Infographics will be used to present the information easily and clearly

3. Contact

3.1. This page will include my personal contact information as well as the information of counselors that will be available for help.

3.1.1. Our Social Media will be posted here as another form of communication or following. Graphic Design with QR code will be found on social media and on the site to help direct people to social media or to the cite itself

3.1.2. A Google Form will be used to collect the information of who has visited the site.

4. About Me

4.1. My story and experience with Teen Dating Violence. I will share what happened to me, how I dealt with the situation and why I decided to start this website.

4.1.1. A Video will be provided, it will either be myself sharing my story in person or some other meaningful video

4.1.2. A screenshot will help the girls navigate through the site

4.1.3. A screencast will highlight the main parts of the sight.