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Student Fitness by Mind Map: Student Fitness

1. About Me

1.1. The about me page goes into more detail about the creator, myself, as well as some key components of student fitness as a website.

2. Contact Page

2.1. The contact page will include an easy way for viewers to contact my email address as well as a way for direct questions to be asked and answered. I will also include social media, as well as my number.

3. References

3.1. My references Page will include my citations of pictures as well as credit to myself as the creator.

4. Strategic Planning

4.1. Strategic planning page will include this mind map and will be embedded and hidden.

5. Home

5.1. The goal of my homepage is to grab viewers attention by having an eye catching background picture on my website and introducing the purpose of my website. Some important information I would include is the workouts that can easily be done in a small space, or quick, efficient work outs that can be doone at the gym. I would also mention the different kinds of foods you can eat that are delcious, yet healthy to stay on track wether viewers want to loose or gain weight. Lastly I would mention package deals that students can purchase, and mention that students currently enrolled in college can get a 40% discount one one of the packages.

6. Slogan

6.1. Easy. Short. Sweet.