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1. about me

1.1. short bio: mission about website and how to take care of the needs of your pets ad resources.

1.1.1. who I am: name, why I chose this topic, my website name and mission, some information on my cats

1.2. photo on topic: images of my cats and their succession in growth

2. homepage

2.1. summary of website: the website is dedicated to pet lovers, specifically those who have cats. this is mostly a blog dedicated to the Goth of m two cats, era and mocha, but as I share their growth, I will also share tips on how to care for them and resources to benefit you and your cat.

2.2. resources to use: Pinterest hacks, growth charts, websites to various sites that include information on the well-being of a cat, places to find shelter for them, where to adopt, how build a proper home.

2.2.1. benefits: benefits on this website include, building a better environment for you and you cat(s). how to manage their diet, how to take care of their needs, whether its how to groom them or give them proper care and where to find shelters and hospitals.

3. contact page

3.1. email: [email protected] or [email protected]

3.2. phone number: (602) 615-7056

3.3. times available: all hours open in to inquiries, comments, or concerns

3.4. link to how to stay updated and a newsletter

4. references

4.1. citations: cite all websites used and where they came from, cite all pictures that don't belong to me, copyright m own images and prevent them from being taken.

5. strategic planning

5.1. foundation on website including images used to emphasize and captivate attention

5.2. links and resources on other websites that are useful, where to get more information, links to donation sites and organizations that help others

5.3. links to how to contact me and the page

5.4. technology used: weekly, images on google docs