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California Insider by Mind Map: California Insider

1. About Me:

1.1. Write about the passion I have about this topic and interesting facts about me. Where im from.

1.1.1. a map of where im from and a couple photos from my life.

2. Contact Page:

2.1. this is where I will put my contact information so they can contact me with any questions the have.

2.1.1. I will put the email thing so that they can contact me directly from the page.

3. Strategic Planning:

3.1. I will talk about how you should get there (ie. car uber, train)

3.1.1. Im going to make this cool by providing bar codes and pictures of the transportation and bus schedules and everything

4. Reference Page:

4.1. this is where Im going to show phone numbers of the places people could go and emails too so they can plan their adventures in California.

4.1.1. I will have a contact list and pictures so I can reference the place the info goes to.

5. Resources:

5.1. This is where I will state my works cited and all the websites where I got my information on my website.

5.1.1. I will put pretty pictures in the background to make it prettier and more interesting. also, I will use the bar code thing to add the websites