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NotFreshmen15 by Mind Map: NotFreshmen15

1. About Me

1.1. This page will include facts about me and where I come from. This page will also include my inspiration for starting this website, why and how I thought up this idea, and just general information on the vision and message this website wants to deliver. An info graphic will be placed on this page to stand out and easily educate the audience.

1.2. This page will also include a digital logo pertaining to our message, as well as images that have been digitally photo edited from my life and my background.

2. Contact Page

2.1. This page will include multiple ways, and contact information for the founders of the webpage, as well as different social media accounts not only for the website, but for the people who founded it. It will also use a google form to collect the name and information from the person reaching out to us.

2.2. Also this site will include graphic design with QR code of the social media platforms, plugged info, and accounts as well. The App Prototype will also be put here with the latest, tips, tricks, and recipes, as well as costs for certain products.

3. Strategic Planning

4. Reference Page

5. Resource Page

5.1. This page will include many different resources such as other websites similar to that one, and sources as to where I got those tips and/or recipes.

5.2. This page will also include graphics of such websites, and their logo.

6. Home Page

6.1. Just a general overlay with the basics of the website. It will include a video of our message. A screenshot will also be placed here.