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4N UHG Galway Talk by Mind Map: 4N UHG Galway Talk
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4N UHG Galway Talk



Includes Background Hx


Excited, Potential for OI

Delighted, CEO/CQI support

Enthusiasts, Supportive, Management, Clinical Director, Head CQI, QA Officer, Driving change, Passion, Pharmacy Lead, Medical Physics Lead, Social Worker, Supporters, Cadiothoracics/Cardiology, Project/logistics manager, CNM, Labs, NCHDS, 1 or 2 other interested, Business Manager x 1, Physiotherapy


Frustrated, Either, Painful awareness, Blissful ignorance, e.g., OI knowhow, All of us, Pace of change, Optics? or Action

Anxious, Making it worse, To improve, Survey results (n=252), Staff agree, We do BETTER, 40%, We innovate, 40%, Motivated, No blame culture, 46% Agree, QI incere effot, 43%, Cost > Quality, 35%, Competent, QI Tools Exposure >= annually, Pareto, 6%, SPC, 4%, QFD, 7.6%, Gannts, milestones, <7%, Root cause analysis, 7.7%, Ability to LEAD OI, 26%


Noo Noos

Angry, Rhetoric>>Results

Demotivated, No support

Nice ifs

Motivated, Supported, Fund training, Targeted fashion, SMART, Who will fund it?, When will funds be in place, Who to report results to (see 1 above), Training, Competent OI Practitioners, Management LEAD, Do first, Teach, Spread, SMART, Training objective, Whom to train, Problem areas, Staff mix, Management, Ops, By when, Success, Reduce waiting times, More new patients

Satisfied, Results, Improve Outpatient Service Delivery, e.g., Physio, Diabetes OPD, Cardiology, Pharmacy, Less ommission errors, Less waste work, Nurses, Porters, Pharmacy, Staff, Improve survey results

Ecstatic, Management support, Training pilot, Business managers, Directorate leads, Coalface

Delighted, Staff, Happy at work, Buzzing, Empowered, SMART, Repeat staff survey, Focus on, Motivation score, Getting better?, When, q3/12, Patients, Less waiting, Better care, Organisation, Reputation enhanced, Financial waste reduced

Friday 23rd format


2 hour workshop, Attendees, List attached, Perhaps I should introduce you so it doesnt come across as self flattery (I want this stuff to be shared), Simons story, # NOF, Mortality benefit, Sustainable, Power of SPC, Vascular OPD, New thinking, 4N, NOW, Niggles, Frustrated, Out of control, Beauracracy, Waiting time, Nuggets, Satisfaction, Treat the patient, Pride, FUTURE, Noo noos, Get worse, Uncertain, Scared, Negative, Nice ifs, Easier, Calmer, Safer, More stable, Pride, Happiness, Currencies, Aim to release and reinvest, Money, Emotion, Time, SELF, Learning about QCT, Post it notes, Waiting lists, Ganntt game, PDCA and AFPS, Software, SPC, Baseline,, Bed simulation, Book, Three Wins, Who are we?, Where are we?, Experience to date


Slack time/informal conversations


Lunch Classroom 221?, People, Simon Dodds, Leading Edge, Pat ODonnel, GUH, Tim OBrien, P Kidd, F Kirrane, G Monohan, Carmel Higgins


Grand round, Audience, >80%, Physicians, All grades, Business Managers, Clinical Leads (Consultants), Allied Health Professionals, Admin Grades, e.g. Diabetes Project, Possibly, Local Industrial OM Practitioners, e.g. Boston Scientific, University lecturers, e.g. Cardiology Research Project, Head CQI, Prof OBrien, nb, CEO, Missing (prebooked), May introduce on morning