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Linguistics by Mind Map: Linguistics

1. Psycholinguistics

1.1. The interdisciplinary study dealing with child language acquisition is called "Psycholinguistics".

2. Pragmatics

2.1. The research and study of the use of words in actual context is called "Pragmatics".

3. Semantics

3.1. We study semantics to look into details of the nature of meaning of individual words as well as the meaning of words grouped into phrases and sentences.

4. Phonetics

4.1. Studies the phonetics aspect of speech with regard to speech production and sound quality.

5. Morphology

5.1. Linguistics concerning the study of form and structure of words is called "Morphology".

6. Sociolinguistics

6.1. The study of impact of language on social groups in society is called "Sociolinguistics".

7. Neurolinguistics

7.1. Neurolinguistics are interested in the correlation between brain damage and speech and language deficits.

8. Syntax

8.1. A subfield of linguistics that studies the structure of system is called "Syntax".

9. Phonology

9.1. The study of the structure of systematic patterning of sounds in human language is "Termed phonology".

10. Historical linguistics

10.1. The study of language change through history is called "Historical Linguistics".