2019 training map

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2019 training map by Mind Map: 2019 training map

1. Problem Solving Basics

1.1. Advanced Problem solving

1.1.1. K&T problem solving and decision making

2. Upgrade programs

2.1. Connectivity

2.2. Software skills

3. Customer program

3.1. Internal support

3.2. Field support

4. Contact center program

5. Sales & sales support program

6. Profile selection and intake tests

6.1. Generic Introduction week

6.1.1. SOCX Follow teammate Follow contact center Follow grandfather Follow field technician Follow Cooking club

6.1.2. Soft skills Fabric care introduction Fabric care basics Food preparation intro Accessory range intro Dish care introduction Dish care basics Air care introduction Air care basics Home care introduction Home care Basics Food preservation introduction Food preservation basics