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ICLR by Mind Map: ICLR

1. Most social arrangements are too insubstantial and don’t give rise to legal rights and obligations.

2. marital/ de facto relationship has broken down are more likely to be enforceable

3. two presumptions

3.1. social and domestic

3.1.1. between wife and husband normal

3.1.2. Other family or social agreements One of the parties change their position in reliance on the agreements clarity of the terms Agreements to participate in a competition or lottery are enforceable

3.2. commercial agreements

3.2.1. Statements which are appropriately promissory

3.2.2. Express exclusion of intention

3.2.3. Letters of comfort

3.3. Government policy proposals

3.3.1. 1. Policy commitments: political consequences; not legal ones

3.3.2. 2. Normal commercial agreements: bound by the normal law of contract

3.4. 答题技巧看书上p91