The Baroque period

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The Baroque period by Mind Map: The Baroque period

1. History of the Baroque period

1.1. The name "Baroque" actually comes from Portuguese. *Bacco = Bizarre

1.2. The Baroque music started before the America Revolution

2. Music Elements of Baroque music

2.1. Dynamics

2.1.1. The period where music have changes between loud part and quiet part. Before that, music is always loud.

2.2. Forms

2.2.1. This is the time where music have forms too. The period were starting to have rules with music.

2.3. Chords

2.3.1. The part that formed melody with three notes or more that play at the same time.

3. The Patronage System

3.1. If you are a musician or a composer, you will need to find an emperor to work for. You will be signing contract with your emperor until they let you go. The emperor were usually rich people or royalty.

4. Voices (Vocal)

4.1. Cantata

4.1.1. This is when the vocalists sing together.

4.2. Opera

4.2.1. This is story performing but instead of talking, they sing and they usually sing very high notes.

5. Instrumental Music

5.1. Sonata

5.1.1. This is when only one instrument was playing.

5.2. Concerto

5.2.1. This is playing music with a large group like a orchestra.

5.3. Fugue

5.3.1. This is when two melody playing at the same time and this is also called fighting melody. This elements of instrumental music usually happened when playing a descriptive music like "Four Seasoning".

6. Popular music instrument of the period

6.1. Organs= This is a popular instrument during the Baroque Age. The organs had been for around a thousand year. But only in the Baroque period there were good music written for the organs.

6.2. Violin= Violin is incredibly popular during the Baroque Age. The violin in the past were bigger and louder than today's violin. Ancangelo Corelli made violin popular when he toured Europe to perform.

6.3. Harpsichord= The harpsichord is an instrument that had keys plucking the string and it was invented at the end of the Baroque period.

7. Popular Composers and musicians

7.1. Covelli

7.1.1. Covelli is a famous violin teacher and music composer. He toured around Europe and perform to people about his music.

7.2. Handel

7.2.1. Handel is a German violin composer. He performed for the royalty of the Great Britain and he is the composer of the Hallelujah's chorus.

7.3. Vivaldi

7.3.1. Vivaldi is a violin player, violin teacher and a composers. He is actually the composer of the four seasons which has the elements of Fugue in the songs.

7.4. Scarlatti

7.4.1. Scarlatti at first was harpsichord player. One of his student was Portuguese princess and he moved to Spain with the princess then he became a Spanish music composer.

7.5. Bach

7.5.1. Bach is one of the most famous musician/composer in the world and the most important person to the Baroque period. He is a master organ player, master fugue and cantata music composer and so much more. He perform to the royalty and explained how to use chords to the world.