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Mindmap by Mind Map: Mindmap

1. Liddicoat & Scarino

1.1. Language as a code and as a social meaning

1.2. A fundamental relationship between language and culture

1.3. The intercultural is not the same as culture, but is a process which goes beyond the idea of just "knowing a culture"

1.4. a static vs. dynamic view on culture

1.5. language, culture and learning together form the basis for the languages curriculum

2. Holliday

2.1. Otherization: stereotypes, prejudice, culturism, assumptions & essentialism

2.2. Two paradigms: the large culture and the small cultures (analyze the small cultures)

3. Hall

3.1. Meaning is never finally fixed or absolute

3.2. representation is the production of meaning through languages. In representation, constructionists, we use sign, organized into languages, of different kinds, to communicate meaningfully with others.