Use of Cell Phones in the Classroom

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Use of Cell Phones in the Classroom by Mind Map: Use of Cell Phones in the Classroom

1. Lesson Activities

1.1. Lots of great new ideas for classroom based mobile activities. These are the new digital literacy skills that the next gen must be prepared to use.

2. student engagement

2.1. How can student engagement be measured?

2.2. Does it increase with the use of cellphones?

2.2.1. students learn better when their educational activities are situated in authentic real-world environments using familiar, authentic tools

2.2.2. increase when students are supported in making connections between a new task and their prior knowledge..that being their comfort level with cell phone use

3. Participation

3.1. What about those who don't have a cellphone?

3.1.1. does a greater divide happen between the haves and have nots?

3.2. text messaging can help shy teenagers communicate their ideas and feelings better

4. Cons

4.1. Do cellphones cause distraction?

4.1.1. If so, how does the classroom teacher deal with it?

5. Looks good Doreen. I can give you feedback in a node that you can delete when you want.

5.1. Sounds good to me!

6. getting started

6.1. what;s the policy?

6.1.1. ask admin for permission

6.1.2. have specific proposal

6.1.3. provide research & pertinent data

6.2. cell phone safety & ethics

6.2.1. cyber-bullying, identity theft, online digital safety

6.2.2. many teachers feel that they are not well-prepared to educate students on this topic

6.3. Survey students

6.3.1. inquire about their own cell phone capabilities, plans, and interests in using them in the classroom

6.3.2. results can help to group and pair students

6.4. teach students about safety and appropriate use

6.4.1. digital footprint

6.4.2. public

6.4.3. go over cell phone plans with students so they know what they have

6.5. create a social contract

6.6. Permission forms

6.7. Begin!