Feedback on Values of CHAT

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Feedback on Values of CHAT by Mind Map: Feedback on Values of CHAT

1. Learn about Technology Whats out there

1.1. Ideas

1.2. Keeping up to date with what technology is out there

2. Meet People

2.1. Introduction to people / resources

2.1.1. Networking Chatting

2.2. Connect

3. New ways of problem solving

3.1. Problem solving

3.1.1. Generate Ideas Where to Start

4. Promotion of projects

4.1. Support info sharing

5. Inspiration

5.1. Similar positive interest in technology

5.1.1. Inspiration sharing

6. Shared Learning

6.1. Information sharing

6.1.1. Sharing Inspiration sharing

7. Support

7.1. Support people go back to work

8. Funding information

8.1. Access to funding ideas

9. Insite to what user needs

9.1. How user interacts with device

9.1.1. Valuable insight Unique user

10. Information Gathering

11. Overlap of tech for different disbaility

12. Awareness of the different sites / services what's happening

13. Leveraging everyone diverse skillset and experience

14. Take Actions