My New Mind Map

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My New Mind Map by Mind Map: My New Mind Map

1. Kenneth

1.1. Water

1.1.1. Rain harvest

1.1.2. air fountain

1.2. Food production

1.2.1. Micro ranching rabbits Recruit small property farmers give them a cut of the profit

1.2.2. Aquaponics freshwater underwater grass to grow with craw fish eel trout bass Craw fish duckweed sturgeon stingray saltwater What is in the gulf/killing the oysters? Instant ocean Fish Big Rig

1.2.3. Full spectrum diet

1.2.4. Micro greens Nursery for starter plans

1.3. Food Waste

1.3.1. Feeding the homeless

1.3.2. Biodigester

1.4. Energy

1.5. Fiber

1.6. Self-sufficient company

1.6.1. produce human needs as product If you can't sell, just use it.

1.7. Integral lifestyle business

1.7.1. Independent ecosystm Microecosystem Off-grid

1.8. Self sufficient food trucks

2. Joel

3. Aaron

3.1. Meeting Human needs Indefinitely. Must be done reciprocally. Restore ecology while meeting needs.

3.1.1. Maslow's Hierarchy Physiological Shelter/Body heat Water Food Air Tier 2

3.1.2. Collaboration TAMU Master Naturalists Conservation Groups Public Schools GROW

3.1.3. Projects Costa Rica Corpus Christi GROW Cultivate Exchange Charlottesville Welcome Ecovillage Education Institute Kauai Food Forest Ecovillage St Croix Tropical Silvopasture

3.2. Soil

3.2.1. Compost Materials Animal Human Plant

3.3. Ocean Farming

3.3.1. Links kelp farming industries cosmetics organic, non-gmo protein source created from fermented methane edible and compostable straws and cups made of kelp Zach Weiss Kelp in San Diego Offshore Aquaculture

3.3.2. Content So last month I had the chance to work with Zach Weiss and his team on various water restoration earthworks up at Tabula Rasa farms in Oregon. It was a hell of an experience, because these guys work HARD. We built a large water retention pond, erosion control earthworks, and beautified a natural swimming pool. We even filmed the whole process which I'll be sharing with you once the footage is edited. Neal at Stanford For a Neal Spackman update, Neal and his family recently moved to California, and he's currently at Stanford. He's getting an advanced business degree to help him kickstart some new regenerative business ideas to put into practice here in the States, and in Saudi Arabia. What we learned is that Oyster, Abalone, Mussel, and offshore Fish and Shellfish aquaculture could actually meet our seafood needs without the health and environmental problems of its first iterations. Despite being an emerging, paradigm shifting regenerative industry that can rival anything grown on land...Ocean Farming is stuck in California because the 10 government agencies here created an impossible permitting process that's stalled any progress for over 25 years. It was a sobering conclusion but the conference was a good first step towards creating some momentum to change that. Nevertheless, there's 3 operating Kelp and Sustainable Aquaculture farms coming online in California in the next year! The Ocean Farming Conference The Ocean Farming conference we sponsored in August was a major revelation to us and everyone involved. Over 150 Ocean Farming and Aquaculture Practitioners gathered for two days in Monterey and revealed what the future of growing food in the ocean could look like. The potential was limitless...kelp farming industries which can clean waterways, absorb carbon, and create products ranging from food to cosmetics, to edible and compostable straws and cups made of kelp! Another presentation which caught our eye was an organic, non-gmo protein source created from fermented methane which could replace soy and aquaculture feed worldwide

3.4. Invasive Utilization

3.4.1. Flagship program!

3.4.2. Corpus Christi area Invasives Lion Fish NOAA's "Eat Lionfish" campaign is designed to promote the eating of Red Lionfish as a means of reducing population numbers. NOAA offers methods for filleting the fish to avoid the venomous spines. Red Lionfish are a delicacy in some cultures and are even a base ingredient in bouillabaisse. NCCOS There was a workshop in corpus christi in 2013

3.5. Ecorestoration camp

3.5.1. Altiplano, Spain Restoration Report 2018 Update: July/August

4. Tevin