VMworld 2018 Mindmap

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VMworld 2018 Mindmap by Mind Map: VMworld 2018 Mindmap

1. Project Dimension for the Edge (tech preview)

2. Hyper-Converged Infrastructure

2.1. HCI1059BU - Architecting VMware Site Recovery Manager to Meet Your DR Goals [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.1.1. Stream

2.1.2. Downlod

2.2. HCI1099BU - Real-World Deployment Considerations with vSAN [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.2.1. Stream

2.2.2. Downlod

2.3. HCI1246BU - Optimizing vSAN for Performance [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.3.1. Stream

2.3.2. Downlod

2.4. HCI1270BU - The Power of Storage Policy-Based Management [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.4.1. Stream

2.4.2. Downlod

2.5. HCI1272BU - vSAN Data Placement and Availability [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.5.1. Stream

2.5.2. Downlod

2.6. HCI1330BU - Enabling Microsoft Failover Clustering with vSAN iSCSI Service [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.6.1. Stream

2.6.2. Downlod

2.7. HCI1468BU - Building a Business Case for HCI and VMware vSAN [NO Stream POSTED] [NO DOWNLOAD POSTED]

2.7.1. Stream

2.7.2. Downlod

2.8. HCI1469BU - The Future of vSAN and Hyperconverged Infrastructure [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.8.1. Stream

2.8.2. Downlod

2.9. HCI1473BU - The vSAN I/O Path Deconstructed: A Deep Dive into the Internals of vSAN [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.9.1. Stream

2.9.2. Downlod

2.10. HCI1475QU - Demystifying vSAN Management for the Traditional Storage Administrator [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.10.1. Stream

2.10.2. Downlod

2.11. HCI1476BU - Mixed-Workload Versus Single-Purpose vSAN Clusters [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.11.1. Stream

2.11.2. Downlod

2.12. HCI1477BU - New Ways to Use vRealize Operations and Log Insight for vSAN Environments [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.12.1. Stream

2.12.2. Downlod

2.13. HCI1552BU - Deploying vSAN to 300 Stores in 2 Weeks: An Automation Story [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.13.1. Stream

2.13.2. Downlod

2.14. HCI1583BU - vSAN Myth Busters: Busting the Common Misconceptions About vSAN [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.14.1. Stream

2.14.2. Downlod

2.15. HCI1603BU - Tech Preview of vSAN Data Protection: Safeguarding VM Data on vSAN [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.15.1. Stream

2.15.2. Downlod

2.16. HCI1615PU - vSAN Technical Customer Panel on vSAN Experiences [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.16.1. Stream

2.16.2. Downlod

2.17. HCI1691BU - Architecting at the Tactical Edge with VMware vSAN and vRealize [NO Stream POSTED] [NO DOWNLOAD POSTED]

2.17.1. Stream

2.17.2. Downlod

2.18. HCI1705BU - Data Protection in VMware Hybrid Clouds [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.18.1. Stream

2.18.2. Downlod

2.19. HCI1768BU - What's New in vSAN: Technical Deep Dive [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.19.1. Stream

2.19.2. Downlod

2.20. HCI1769BU - We Got You Covered: Top Operational Tips from vSAN Support Insight [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.20.1. Stream

2.20.2. Downlod

2.21. HCI1960BU - Why HCI Solutions Powered by vSAN Work Best for Your vSphere Environments [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.21.1. Stream

2.21.2. Downlod

2.22. HCI1993BU - vSAN Technical Deep Dive [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.22.1. Stream

2.22.2. Downlod

2.23. HCI2001BU - Best Practices for Deploying DataStax Workloads using vSAN Host Affinity [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.23.1. Stream

2.23.2. Downlod

2.24. HCI2019BU - Running SAP HANA on HCI Powered by vSAN [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.24.1. Stream

2.24.2. Downlod

2.25. HCI2032BU - Successful vSAN for Remote Offices and Branch Offices [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.25.1. Stream

2.25.2. Downlod

2.26. HCI2038BU - Best Practices for Deploying Hadoop Workloads on HCI Powered by vSAN [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.26.1. Stream

2.26.2. Downlod

2.27. HCI2040BU - vSAN Deployment Topology and Availability Deep Dive: What You Need to Know [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.27.1. Stream

2.27.2. Downlod

2.28. HCI2041BU - vSAN Encryption Deep Dive [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.28.1. Stream

2.28.2. Downlod

2.29. HCI2052BU - Sizing Your HCI Environment: How To Do It Correctly and Accurately [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.29.1. Stream

2.29.2. Downlod

2.30. HCI2053BU - Hitting Refresh with HCI for Better Performance and Less Complexity [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.30.1. Stream

2.30.2. Downlod

2.31. HCI2061BU - Forget Click, Click, Click: Manage vSAN at Scale with PowerCLI [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.31.1. Stream

2.31.2. Downlod

2.32. HCI2088BU - vSAN Stretched Clusters Technical Deep Dive [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.32.1. Stream

2.32.2. Downlod

2.33. HCI2103BU - Choosing the Right HCI Solution in the Multi-Cloud Era [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.33.1. Stream

2.33.2. Downlod

2.34. HCI2107QU - Back to Basics: Why HCI? Why Now? [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.34.1. Stream

2.34.2. Downlod

2.35. HCI2110BU - Top Reasons Why vSAN Is the Best Hyper-Converged Solution [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.35.1. Stream

2.35.2. Downlod

2.36. HCI2164BU - HCI Management, Current and Future [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.36.1. Stream

2.36.2. Downlod

2.37. HCI2180BU - vSAN Support Insight: Inside Out [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.37.1. Stream

2.37.2. Downlod

2.38. HCI2208BU - vSAN Hardware Guidance on Performance and Configuration [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.38.1. Stream

2.38.2. Downlod

2.39. HCI2427BU - Managing vSAN Resiliency and Performance at Scale [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.39.1. Stream

2.39.2. Downlod

2.40. HCI2474BU - Site Recovery Manager 8.1: What's New? [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.40.1. Stream

2.40.2. Downlod

2.41. HCI2476BU - Tech Preview: RDMA and Next-Gen Storage Technologies for vSAN [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.41.1. Stream

2.41.2. Downlod

2.42. HCI2501BU - Accelerating Digital Transformation with InterSystems IRIS and vSAN [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.42.1. Stream

2.42.2. Downlod

2.43. HCI2513QU - Using vSAN Native Data Protection in the Real World [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.43.1. Stream

2.43.2. Downlod

2.44. HCI2522BU - Getting Started with vSAN Automation [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.44.1. Stream

2.44.2. Downlod

2.45. HCI2550PU - Leveraging Virtual Volumes (VVol) to Simplify Storage Management [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.45.1. Stream

2.45.2. Downlod

2.46. HCI2617BU - Best Practices for Deploying Business-Critical Oracle Workloads on vSAN HCI [NO Stream POSTED] [NO DOWNLOAD POSTED]

2.46.1. Stream

2.46.2. Downlod

2.47. HCI2681BU - The Latest and Greatest with VMware vSAN [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.47.1. Stream

2.47.2. Downlod

2.48. HCI2736BU - Lessons Learned from Real-World vSAN Operations [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.48.1. Stream

2.48.2. Downlod

2.49. HCI2810BU - Virtual Volumes (VVol) Deep Dive [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.49.1. Stream

2.49.2. Downlod

2.50. HCI2909QU - VMs on vSAN - An end to end view [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.50.1. Stream

2.50.2. Downlod

2.51. HCI2993BU - The Story of How Deloitte Migrated to vSAN [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.51.1. Stream

2.51.2. Downlod

2.52. HCI3000BU - Extreme Performance Series: How To Estimate vSAN Performance [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.52.1. Stream

2.52.2. Downlod

2.53. HCI3041BU - Introducing Scalable File Storage on vSAN with Native File Services [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.53.1. Stream

2.53.2. Downlod

2.54. HCI3104BU - vSAN Hosted POC: The Smoothest and Fastest Way to Test vSAN [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.54.1. Stream

2.54.2. Downlod

2.55. HCI3149BU - Conquer Your Storage Demands with vSAN and Intel Technologies [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.55.1. Stream

2.55.2. Downlod

2.56. HCI3291BU - vSAN: Data Placement Deep Dive [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.56.1. Stream

2.56.2. Downlod

2.57. HCI3331BU - Better Storage Utilization with Space Reclamation/UNMAP [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.57.1. Stream

2.57.2. Downlod

2.58. HCI3452BU - Achieving a GDPR-Ready Architecture Leveraging VMware vSAN [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.58.1. Stream

2.58.2. Downlod

2.59. HCI3691PUS - Customer Panel ??? Hyper-converged IT Enabling Agility and Innovation [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.59.1. Stream

2.59.2. Downlod

2.60. HCI3695BUS - AutoNation modernizes VMware backup/recovery to accelerate business growth [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.60.1. Stream

2.60.2. Downlod

2.61. HCI3697BUS - Enhance your vSphere and vSAN implementations w/ Persistent Memory and SSDs [NO Stream POSTED] [NO DOWNLOAD POSTED]

2.61.1. Stream

2.61.2. Downlod

2.62. HCI3707BUS - Infrastructure Matters: From Modernizing Servers to a VMware cloud on HCI [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.62.1. Stream

2.62.2. Downlod

2.63. HCI3781BUS - Cisco HyperConverged Infrastructure for the Multicloud era [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.63.1. Stream

2.63.2. Downlod

2.64. HCI3819QU - Get the Edge on vSAN : Innovating Hyper-Converged Infrastructure [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.64.1. Stream

2.64.2. Downlod

2.65. HCI3855BU - How Virtualization & SDDC Help Drive Modernization in Manufacturing [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.65.1. Stream

2.65.2. Downlod

2.66. HYP2752BU - Our New World: Hyper-Converged and Software Defined [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD]

2.66.1. Stream

2.66.2. Downlod

3. VMworld Announcements

3.1. Day 1 Recap

3.1.1. Day 1 Keynote: Technology Superpowers Presenters Pat Gelsinger, CEO Ray O'Farrell, EVP/CTO

3.2. Day 2 Recap

3.2.1. Day 2 Keynote: Pioneers of the Possible Presenter Sanjay Poonen, COO, Customer Operations

3.3. Day 3 and 4 Recap

3.3.1. Day 4 Keynote: The Frontiers of Reality

3.4. VMword Summary Announcements Deck

4. VMworld Resources

4.1. VMware HOL

4.2. VMworld Solution Showcase Keynotes

4.2.1. Transforming Security in a Cloud and Mobile World Presenter: Tom Corn, SVP, Security Products Presentation Video Replay

4.2.2. Building the Network of the Future with the Virtual Cloud Network Presenters: Sanjay Uppal, VP/GM Tom Corn, SVP, Security Products Tom Gillis, SVP/GM, Network & Security Presentation Video Replay

4.2.3. VMware Cloud: From Private to Public to Edge Presenters: Kit Colbert, VP/CTO, Cloud Platform BU Mark Lohmeyer, SVP/GM, Cloud Performance BU Purnima Padmanabhan, VP, Product Mgmt, Cloud Mgmt Raghu Raghuram, COO, Products & Cloud Services Presentation Video Replay

4.2.4. Innovating Beyond HCI – How VMware is Driving the Next Data Center Revolution Presenters: John Gilmartin, VP/GMG, Integrated Systems Yanbing Li, SVP/GM, Storage and Availability Presentation Video Replay

4.2.5. The Digital Workspace Keynote – End-User Computing and Mobility Live Presenters: Noah Wasmer, SVP/Co-GM, End-User Computing Shankar Iyer, SVP/Co-GM, End-User Computing Shawn Bass, VP/CTO - EUC Presentation Video Replay

4.2.6. Native Public Clouds and Kubernetes at Scale Presenters: Guido Appenzeller, CTO Milin Desai, GM, Cloud Services Paul Fazzone, VP/GM, Cloud-Native Apps Presentation Video Replay

4.3. VMworld On Demand Video Library

4.4. VMworld 2018 Website

4.5. VMworld Roadshow info

4.6. VMworld Blog

4.7. VMworld Top 10 Daily Sessions

4.7.1. Monday Is VDI Dead? Culture Shift: The Heavy Lifting Behind Digital Transformation Top 10 Automation Requests and How You Can Save Time vSphere Clustering Deep Dive, Part 1: vSphere HA and DRS A Practitioner’s Guide to Migrating Workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS How VMware vSphere and NVIDIA GPUs Accelerate Your Organization The Future of vSAN and Hyperconverged Infrastructure Container and Kubernetes 101 for vSphere Admins Introduction to NSX Data Center Workspace ONE - Technical Deep Dive

4.7.2. Tuesday Innovating Beyond HCI: How VMware is Driving the Next Data Center Revolution Introducing vSphere Platinum and vSphere 6.7 Update 1 Start Automating All the Things with PowerCLI Transforming Security in a Cloud and Mobile World Nerds with Appliances: vCenter Server Migration Cloud and Developer Keynote: Public Clouds and Kubernetes at Scale IBM Presents: FREESTYLIN’ THE CLOUD with Tony Hawk and Rodney Mullen vSphere Performance Troubleshooting and Root Cause Analysis (IO) Architecting Horizon 7 Enterprise: The Official Reference Architecture Don't Sleep on RESTful APIs for vSphere

4.7.3. Wednesday Documenting Your Virtual Infrastructure with PowerShell and PowerCLI A Deep(er) Dive with PowerCLI 10 Licensing Oracle and SQL Server on vSphere Core Storage Best Practices Ensure Maximum Uptime and Performance of Your vCenter Server Appliance vSAN Technical Deep Dive Technical Overview of VMware ESXi Patching and Upgrading What's New with vSphere Optimizing VMware Horizon and NVIDIA vGPU for the Best VDI User Experience Deep Dive Into What's New with Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management

4.8. VMTN Community Resources

4.9. Social Media Resources

4.9.1. VMworld on Twitter

4.9.2. VMworld on Facebook

4.9.3. VMware on Instagram

4.9.4. VMworld on Google +

4.9.5. VMworld on LinkedIn

4.9.6. VMworld TV on YouTube

5. VMworld Technology Innovation Summaries

5.1. VMware & AWS Announcements

5.1.1. Elastic DRS & EBS

5.1.2. New high-storage capacity option with VMware vSAN utilizing Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS)

5.1.3. Cloud Motion

5.1.4. Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service)

5.2. vSphere and vSAN

5.2.1. vSphere 6.7 U1 release Announcement

5.2.2. Tech Preview: ESXi for 64-bit ARM CPUs

5.2.3. vSphere Platinum

5.2.4. VSAN 6.7 Update 1

5.3. What's New in vRealize Suite 2018

5.3.1. vRealize Automation 7.5

5.3.2. vRealize Operations

5.3.3. vRealize Lifecycle Manager 2.0

5.3.4. vRealize Business for Cloud 7.5

5.3.5. vRealize Log Insight 4.7

5.4. Project Concord

5.5. Project Dimension

5.6. Project Magna

5.7. VMware Pulse 2.0

5.8. Workspace One Intelligence

5.9. Dell Provisioning for VMware Workspace One

5.10. New features in Skyline

5.11. Cloud Operations Role

5.12. VMWare Acquires CloudHealth Technologies

5.13. VMware Cloud Automation Services

5.14. VMware Secure State Public Beta

5.15. Software Defined Networking

5.16. Adaptive Micro-Segmentation

6. VMworld US Session Replays

6.1. vSAN

6.1.1. Hybrid & Public Cloud Enable High-Capacity Workloads with Elastic EBS-Backed vSAN on VMware Cloud Presentation Stream

6.1.2. Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Architecting VMware Site Recovery Manager to Meet Your DR Goals Presentation Stream Real-World Deployment Considerations with vSAN Presentation Stream Optimizing vSAN for Performance Presentation Stream The Power of Storage Policy-Based Management Presentation Stream vSAN Data Placement and Availability Presentation Stream Enabling Microsoft Failover Clustering with vSAN iSCSI Service Presentation Stream The Future of vSAN and Hyperconverged Infrastructure Presentation Stream The vSAN I/O Path Deconstructed: A Deep Dive into the Internals of vSAN Presentation Stream

6.2. Branch and Edge

6.2.1. BRE2129BU - Introduction to NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud: Transforming the WAN [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.2.2. BRE2165BU - SD-WAN Use Cases Designed to Optimize Your Network [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.2.3. BRE2166BU - SD-WAN Security Integration: Control & Management for a Bulletproof Network [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.2.4. BRE2167BU - Zero to 60 in Two Seconds with VMware NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.2.5. BRE2168BU - Deployment of Hybrid SD-WAN with Real-World Examples [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.2.6. BRE2171PU - Customer Panel on??NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.2.7. BRE3038BU - Consuming Cloud Provider SD-WAN Services?? [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.2.8. NS3729KU - The NSX Keynote: Building the Network of the Future with the Virtual Cloud Network [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.2.9. SEC3730KU - Transforming Security in a Cloud and Mobile World [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3. Cloud Management

6.3.1. CNA1075BU - Operating and Managing Kubernetes on Day 2 with PKS [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.2. CNA1200BU - Deploy vSphere Integrated Containers in Production: Case Study with Allegis [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.3. CNA1232BU - Have Your Cake and Eat It: VMware IT Adoption of PKS [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.4. DC3732KU - Driving Transformation from the Data Center to the Public Cloud [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.5. DC3845KU - Cloud and Developer Keynote: Public Clouds and Kubernetes at Scale [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.6. HCI3728KU - Innovating Beyond HCI: How VMware is Driving the Next Data Center Revolution [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.7. HYP2890BU - How Cloud Service Providers deliver Multi-Cloud Management-as-a-Service [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.8. LDT1515PU - Transformers: How VMware IT Transitioned to a Services-Based Organization [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.9. LDT1719BU - Taming Security with Tools: Making Compliance a Reality [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.10. LDT1787BU - Aspiring for Operational Excellence by Shortening Value Chains [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.11. MGT1063PU - Developer Cloud Introduction ??? VMware's New Cloud Management Strategy [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.12. MGT1201BU - Self-Driving Operations: What???s New with vRealize Operations [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.13. MGT1336PU - Tales from the Trenches: Realizing the Full Value of vRealize Operations [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.14. MGT1352BU - Create a ServiceNow Self-Service Portal with a vRealize Automation Plug-in [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.15. MGT1399BU - DevOps Radar: Visibility Scaling SaaS, Containers, Serverless in Wavefront [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.16. MGT1440BU - Operationalize Your World: Practical Steps Toward Proactive Operations [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.17. MGT1534BU - vRealize Operations Capacity and Cost Management [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.18. MGT1540BU - See Everything: Cross-Cloud Observability with Wavefront Current and Future [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.19. MGT1614BU - Effectively Operating an Automated Cloud [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.20. MGT1640BU - Self-Driving Operations with vRealize Operations Performance Optimization [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.21. MGT1644QU - Discover How to Save Up to 30% on Cloud Infrastructure with vSphere Optimization Assessment [STREAM][DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.22. MGT1645BU - Doing the Impossible: Change Dev Team Spending Behavior Through Showback [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.23. MGT1650BU - Accelerate DevOps with Cloud Automation and Configuration Management [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.24. MGT1652BU - Application Networking and Security with vRealize Automation and NSX-T [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.25. MGT1763BU - How to develop a multi-cloud strategy to accelerate digital transformation [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.26. MGT1772BU - Brokering Services Across Multiple Clouds and Platforms [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.27. MGT1773BU - Container Management and VMware PKS Support for vRealize Automation [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.28. MGT1774BU - Ring Central Maximizes Agility and Developer Productivity with vRealize [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.29. MGT1815BU - Leading Financial Services Transformation in a Multi-Cloud World [NO Stream POSTED] [NO DOWNLOAD POSTED] Stream Download

6.3.30. MGT2102BU - Accelerate your IT Code and Application Delivery ??? Customer Perspectives [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.31. MGT2139BU - Manage Wavefront Monitoring with the New VMware Application Proxy [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.32. MGT2174BU - Deep Dive: How Fannie Mae Releases vRealize Content Using Lifecycle Manager [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.33. MGT2191BU - Advanced Extensibility Use Case: vRealize Automation and Ansible Tower [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.34. MGT2204BU - VMware Cloud Management: See the Mother of All Demos! [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.35. MGT2242BU - What's New in vRealize Automation [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.36. MGT2528BU - vRealize Automation Architecture and Troubleshooting Deep Dive [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.37. MGT2552BU - Troubleshooting Made Easy [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.38. MGT2556BU - Use Cloud Services to Deploy and Maintain Apps in a Multi-Cloud Environment [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.39. MGT2566BU - HCI Management Using vRealize Operations and vCenter [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.40. MGT2621BU - From VI Admin to Cloud Ninja: Top 5 Skills Needed in the Digital Age [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.41. MGT2843BU - Code Stream Deep Dive [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.42. MGT2844BU - AWS App Security and Visibility with Network Insight and Log Intelligence [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.43. MGT2887BU - Deep Dive: How to Drive Down Your Cost in Hybrid Cloud with Cost Insight [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.44. MGT2915BU - Agile Cloud Management with VMware [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.45. MGT2934BU - Optimize Workload Cost and Performance Using the vRealize Suite [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.46. MGT2954BU - Introduction to Real-Time Insight and Governance for Cloud Infrastructure [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.47. MGT3054QU - Deep Dive into Wavefront Log Data Metrics and Log Intelligence [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.48. MGT3112BU - When Seconds Mean Dollars: Intelligent IT Operations at the CME Group [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.49. MGT3192BU - Deep Dive: Multi-Cloud Troubleshooting for Infrastructure and Applications [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.50. MGT3369BU - Meet vRealize Operations Ninjas: Charter Communications and Vanguard [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.51. MGT3711BUS - A Tale of CI/CD, Infrastructure as Code, and Data Protection [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.52. MGT3718BU - Finding "Connected Threats" - The Hidden Risks in Your Public Cloud [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.53. MGT3719BU - Automating Cloud Security, Compliance and Governance into the CI/CD System [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.54. MGT3759BUS - How GameStop Leveraged the Cloud to Meet Business Continuity SLAs [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.55. MGT3760BUS - How SailPoint Modernized its Datacenter with the Cloud [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.56. MGT3774PUS - A journey to NSX ??? how to solve the "choose two out of three" quandary. [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.57. NET1723BU - Day 2 Automation of NSX Data Center Using vRealize Suite [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.58. NET2119BU - Building Private Clouds with NSX-T Data Center & VIO: Lessons from DMM.com [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.59. NET2764BU - Introduction to vRealize Network Insight [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.60. NET2883BU - Introduction to NSX Data Center for Automation [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.61. NET3409BU - Using vRealize Network Insight to Optimize the Software-Defined Data Center [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.3.62. SAI2555BU - Accelerate App Security and Availability with vRealize Network Insight [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4. Cloud Networking

6.4.1. CNA1564BU - Container and Kubernetes 101 for vSphere Admins [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.2. HCI1884BU - NSX and Generic Network Overlays with HCI: Everything You Need to Know [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.3. HYP1142BU - Case Study: Hybrid Cloud with vCloud Extender from Customer to Provider [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.4. HYP2406BU - VMware NSX for Service Providers: A Technical View [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.5. NET1106BU - Advanced NSX Data Center: Demystifying the VTEP, MAC, and ARP Tables [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.6. NET1127BU - Logical Routing Deep Dive on??NSX-T Data Center [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.7. NET1128BU - Logical Routing Deep Dive on NSX Data Center for vSphere [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.8. NET1283QU - How VMware IT Leverages VMware NSX for Large-Scale, Self-Service IaaS [NO Stream POSTED] [NO DOWNLOAD POSTED] Stream Download

6.4.9. NET1285BU - The Future of Networking and Security with VMware NSX [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.10. NET1327BU - VMware Cloud on AWS with NSX: Use Cases, Design, and Implementation [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.11. NET1490QU - Scalable Networking and Security for Kubernetes on OpenStack [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.12. NET1516BU - Introduction to NSX Cloud [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.13. NET1528BU - PowerNSX: Bringing the Power of PowerCLI to VMware NSX Data Center [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.14. NET1536BU - Multi-Site Networking and Security with NSX Data Center [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.15. NET1537BU - NSX-T Data Center Architecture and Benefits [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.16. NET1549BU - Deep Dive into Operationalizing NSX-T Data Center [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.17. NET1559BU - SDDC Reference Design with NSX Data Center for vSphere [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.18. NET1561BU - Next-Generation Reference Design with NSX-T Data Center: Part 1 [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.19. NET1562BU - Next-Generation Reference Design with NSX-T Data Center: Part 2 [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.20. NET1586BU - Networking and Security for Small Data Centers with NSX Data Center [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.21. NET1610BU - NSX-T Edge Services: Design and Deployment Options [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.22. NET1631QU - NSX Data Center for vSphere Hardware Gateway Solution [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.23. NET1642BU - NSX-PowerOps: Day2 Ops, NSX Health, Security, and Automated Documentation [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.24. NET1677BU - Kubernetes Container Networking with NSX-T Data Center Deep Dive [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.25. NET1742BU - N-VDS: The next generation switch architecture with VMware NSX Data Center [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.26. NET1754BU - NSX Cloud:??Deployment Deep Dive and Architecture [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.27. NET1822BU - Upgrading NSX Data Center: A Zero Downtime Approach [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.28. NET1855BU - NSX-T Data Center Performance Deep Dive [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.29. NET1879BU - vRealize Network Insight Deep Dive [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.30. NET1894BU - NSX Design for Cloud-native Apps with Pivotal Cloud Foundry [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.31. NET1919BU - NSX Mindset: Clouds Collide, Opportunity Strikes [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.32. NET1945BU - Deploying NSX Data Center on a Cisco Infrastructure [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.33. NET2068BU - Introduction to Container Networking and Security with NSX-T Data Center [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.34. NET2155QU - Troubleshooting for VMware NSX Data Center for vSphere [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.35. NET2409BU - Advanced NSX Services in VMware Cloud on AWS: Use Cases and Best Practices [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.36. NET2420BU - Rethinking Disaster Recovery with NSX Data Center and NSX Hybrid Connect [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.37. NET2518BU - Deploying and Automating NSX-T Data Center: lessons from IHS Markit [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.38. NET2628BU - Introduction to NSX Data Center for Multi-Cloud Networking [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.39. NET2701BU - Virtual Cloud Network End-to-End Demo: Powered by NSX [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.40. NET2761BU - NSX Data Center Load Balancing and VPN Services [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.41. NET2770BU - Introduction to NSX Data Center [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.42. NET2865BU - VxRack Flex and VxRack SDDC HCI Networking with NSX Data Center [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.43. NET2916BU - Consistent Network and Security Policy from Data Center to Cloud with NSX [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.44. NET3042PU - Customer Panel on NSX Data Center [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.45. NET3193BUS - VMware NSX and Getting the Most Out of Your Infrastructure [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.46. NET3681PU - Lessons learned from successful NSX Deployments [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.47. NET3821BU - Maximize your NSX Deployment with Open Networking Solutions [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.48. NET4857BU - NSX-T Data Center Install Deep Dive and Best Practices including PKS/PAS [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.49. SAI2598PU - Customer Panel on Micro-Segmentation Ops with vRealize Network Insight [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.4.50. SAI3770BU - Mitigating CPU Security Vulnerabilities ??? A look at vSphere Mitigations [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.5. Cloud Services

6.5.1. CNA2084BU - Intro to VMware Kubernetes Engine-Managed K8s Service on Public Cloud [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.5.2. CNA3106QU - Integrating VMware Kubernetes Engine with Existing AWS Services [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.5.3. CNA3124BU - Deep Dive: VMware Kubernetes Engine-K8s as a Service on Public Cloud [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.5.4. CNA3173BU - Manage 100s of clusters, 1000s of namespaces using VMware Kubernetes Engine [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.5.5. HYP2422BU - Enabling Cloud Marketplace Services with VMware [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.5.6. MGT2099BU - To Infrastructure and Beyond: Infrastructure as Code with VMware [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.5.7. MGT3918BU - Amazon RDS on VMware: Database Management Services on vSphere [NO Stream POSTED] [NO DOWNLOAD POSTED] Stream Download

6.5.8. MGT4683BU - How CloudHealth Can Reduce the Cost and Complexity of Multi-cloud Operations [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.5.9. SAI3217BU - Introduction to VMware AppDefense [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.5.10. SAI3219BU - Great Power, Great Responsibility: Least Privilege Security with AppDefense [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.5.11. SAI3243BU - Use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to Simplify Security [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.6. Cloud-Native Apps

6.6.1. CNA1199PU - Deploy Enterprise-Grade Kubernetes: Real-World Stories From PKS Users [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.6.2. CNA1464BU - Securing Pivotal Cloud Foundry by Regularly Rebuilding [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.6.3. CNA1493BU - Run Docker on Existing Infrastructure with vSphere Integrated Containers [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.6.4. CNA1553BU - Deep Dive: The Value of Running Kubernetes on vSphere [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.6.5. CNA1634QU - Container Portfolio at VMware [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.6.6. CNA1656BU - Put a Lid on It: Securing Containers and Kubernetes on vSphere and in Cloud [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.6.7. CNA1780QU - What's New with PKS and Emerging Use Cases [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.6.8. CNA2009BU - Run Stateful Apps on Kubernetes with PKS: Highlight WebLogic Server [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.6.9. CNA2141BU - Applying Software Design Patterns and Methodologies to Your IT Services [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.6.10. CNA2755BU - Architecting PKS for Production: Lessons Learned from PKS Deployments [NO Stream POSTED] [NO DOWNLOAD POSTED] Stream Download

6.6.11. CNA3146BU - Technical Deep Dive: Kubernetes Networking and Security with NSX-T on PKS [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.6.12. DEV1325BU - Path to Production: Value Stream Mapping in a DevOps World [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.6.13. DEV1434BU - From Building Infrastructure to Building App Platforms: Your Next Career [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.6.14. DEV1965QU - QuickStart DevOps Culture with VMware [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.6.15. DEV2500BU - DevOps and Pragmatic Process Change: Top 5 Processes to Accelerate DevOps [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.6.16. DEV2641BU - Bring Your Traditional Application to Kubernetes with PKS [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.6.17. DEV2828BU - Automating IT Ops with Dispatch Serverless Framework [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.6.18. HCI1338BU - vSAN: An Ideal Storage Platform for Kubernetes-controlled Cloud-Native Apps [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.6.19. LDT1433PU - Accelerating Application Development Through Infrastructure as Code [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.6.20. LDT1869BU - VMware IT's Cloud-Native Transformation Journey [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.6.21. SAI1527BU - Deep Dive into NSX Data Center Security for Clouds, Containers, and More [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.6.22. SAI3220BU - Securing Kubernetes and Docker Containers with VMware AppDefense [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.7. DevOps

6.7.1. DEV1761BU - Delivering Agile Infrastructure as a Service via vRealize Automation [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.7.2. DEV1967BUS - Mind the Gap: Building a closer relationship between Security and DevOps [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.7.3. DEV2403BU - DevOps Culture and Practice: From Theory to Reality ??? A VMware Story [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.7.4. DEV3504BU - Development at VMware: A Look at How PowerCLI Has Evolved Over the Years [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.7.5. HCI1813BU - A Deep Dive on Why Storage Matters in a Cloud-Native World [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.7.6. MGT2920BU - Customer Success Story: Enable Developers with Infra-as-Code and Automation [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.8. Endpoint Management

6.8.1. ACC1210BU - Implementing Endpoint Security and Conditional Access for Office 365 [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.8.2. ACC1621PU - Customer Panel: Knocking Down the Barriers of Workspace ONE Adoption [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.8.3. ACC2488BU - Delivering Secure and Seamless Access to All Your Apps, Devices and Data [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.8.4. ACC2753BU - Building Your Unique Path to the Digital Workspace [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.8.5. ACC2892BU - Learn What's New with Workspace ONE and how to Embrace a Digital Workspace! [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.8.6. ACC2964QU - Securing the Digital Workspace with Conditional Access [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.8.7. ACC3458BU - Workspace ONE - Technical Deep Dive [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.8.8. DW3727KU - The Digital Workspace Keynote: End User Computing and Mobility Live! [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.8.9. END1156BU - Moving Beyond Limits:How VMware IT Embraced Modern Management of Windows 10 [STREAM][DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.8.10. END1225BU - Troubleshooting Tips and Tricks for Your iOS Deployment [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.8.11. END2713BU - Co-manage Workspace ONE + SCCM : Get to Windows 10 Modern Management Faster [STREAM][DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.8.12. END2728PU - Customer Panel: Real World Conversations With Those Migrating to Windows 10 [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.8.13. END2748QU - Ask the Experts: How Workspace ONE Trust Network Secures Your EUC Ecosystem [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.8.14. END2766BU - First Look at New Dell and VMware Developments That Optimize PC Management [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.8.15. END2811BU - Real-World Conversations with Customers Using Modern Management for MacOS [NO Stream POSTED] [NO DOWNLOAD POSTED] Stream Download

6.8.16. END2833BU - Windows as a Service: Who Moved My Cheese and How Can I Get It Back? [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.8.17. END2852BU - Discover The Latest Workspace ONE Intelligence Capabilities and ??Use Cases [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.8.18. END2866BU - Transform Windows 10 Management with Workspace ONE: What IT Teams Must Know [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.8.19. END2902QU - End-User Computing at VMworld: Everything You Need to Know [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.8.20. END2912BU - Workspace ONE Intelligence Mobile and Desktop Operations [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.8.21. END2930BU - Delivering the Vision of the Digital Workplace (Lessons from the Field) [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.8.22. END2947BU - Securing Remote Access with Workspace One - What???s New [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.8.23. END2948BU - Enhanced iOS Management: From Onboarding to Update Management and Beyond [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.8.24. END2962BU - Deep Dive Into New Android Enterprise Personas and Deployment Methods [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.8.25. END2966BU - Expanding AirWatch to UEM for macOS Modern Management [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.8.26. END2978PU - How AirWatch Customers Are Moving Beyond Mobile to UEM across all Devices [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.8.27. END3200BU - Taking the Plunge: Windows App Lifecycle Management with Workspace ONE [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.8.28. END3460BU - Deep Dive Into What's New with Workspace ONE Unified Endpoint Management [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.8.29. END3572BU - Industry 4.0: How Rugged and Workplace IoT Are Transforming Supply Chains [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.8.30. END3818BUS - Arm your Cloud Workers for Security and Productivity with Chrome Enterprise [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.8.31. LDT3674PU - Transforming the Business of Healthcare: From Maintaining to Innovating [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.8.32. WIN3535BUR - Is VDI Dead? [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.8.33. WIN3706PUS - Become the office hero with Dell & VMware desktop virtualization solutions [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9. Hybrid and Public Cloud

6.9.1. HCI1145BU - Why VMware vSAN Is the Best Solution for Cloud Provider Environments [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.2. HCI1998BU - Enable High-Capacity Workloads with Elastic EBS-Backed vSAN on VMware Cloud [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.3. HCI2827QU - Site Recovery Manager and Multiple Sites: The What, How, and Why [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.4. HCI3085BU - Site Recovery Manager Integrations Across VMware [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.5. HCI3136BU - VMware Site Recovery (DR as a Service) Deep Dive [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.6. HYP1071BU - Secure, No-Retrofit, App portability to Cloud in 4 clicks, with VMware HCX [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.7. HYP1187BU - VMware Cloud on AWS: The Migration Venture [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.8. HYP1211BU - A Journey to VMware Cloud on AWS for Oracle and SAP Applications [NO Stream POSTED] [NO DOWNLOAD POSTED] Stream Download

6.9.9. HYP1215BU - How VMware IT Migrated Mission-Critical Workloads to VMware Cloud [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.10. HYP1376BUR - Accelerate Your Hybrid Cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS: What???s New [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.11. HYP1377BU - VMware Cloud on AWS Security and Compliance Details [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.12. HYP1451BU - Service Overview for VMware Cloud on AWS [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.13. HYP1496BU - A Practitioner???s Guide to Migrating Workloads to VMware Cloud on AWS [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.14. HYP1499BU - Introducing VMware Cloud Provider Pod [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.15. HYP1517BU - Picking Up the Pieces and Recovering in the Cloud [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.16. HYP1803BU - Delivering Custom Services Through vCloud Director Extensibility [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.17. HYP1810PU - Ask the Cloud Experts [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.18. HYP1950BU - Navigating Hybrid Cloud [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.19. HYP1969BU - Migrations Made Easy on the IBM Cloud ... Deep Breath, Focus, Go! [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.20. HYP1994BU - Developer Automation 101: From vSphere On Premises to VMware Cloud on AWS [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.21. HYP2048BU - VMware Cloud on AWS: Live, Next-Gen Integrations for Your Next-Gen Cloud [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.22. HYP2060BU - Multitenant Managed Service Provider Platform for VMware Cloud Services [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.23. HYP2145BUS - Hybrid cloud architecture design and best practices for VMware Cloud on AWS [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.24. HYP2211BU - Getting the Most out of Your VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.25. HYP2228BU - Redefining Hybrid Cloud Management with vCenter Hybrid Linked Mode [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.26. HYP2379BU - Storage in VMware Cloud on AWS [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.27. HYP2445BU - From On Premises to Beyond [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.28. HYP2470BU - Quickly Getting the Most out of Your VMware Cloud on AWS [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.29. HYP2697PU - VMware Cloud on AWS Customer Panel [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.30. HYP2723BU - Automate Hosted Private Clouds Everywhere Using VMware Cloud Foundation [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.31. HYP2817QU - Understanding the TCO Benefits of VMware Cloud on AWS [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.32. HYP2861BU - Multi Cloud Architectures and Evolution: Customer Perspective [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.33. HYP2982BU - GenPro: Leveraging VMware Cloud on AWS and Faction for Disaster Recovery [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.34. HYP3003BUS - Hello, You Had Me at Infrastructure as Code: Hybrid SDDC Cloud Automation [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.35. HYP3019BU - VMware Site Recovery: DR-as-a-Service with VMware Cloud on AWS [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.36. HYP3024QU - Software-Defined, Hybrid, and Distributed: Welcome to the VMware Cloud [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.37. HYP3025BU - Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks: High Availability for VMware Cloud on AWS [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.38. HYP3061QU - Seamless, Large Scale Workload Migrations to the IBM Cloud [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.39. HYP3300BU - Public Cloud: A Critical Component of Your Digital Transformation [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.40. HYP3326BU - Cloud Provider Transformation with vCloud Director, NSX, and vRealize Suite [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.41. HYP3694BUS - Disaster Recovery with Lenovo ThinkAgile VX and VMware Cloud on AWS [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.42. HYP3696BUS - Simplify operations with machine learning for secondary data and apps [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.43. HYP3704BUS - Veeam and VMware - Intelligent Data Management for the Hybrid World [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.44. HYP3705BUS - Improving App Performance and Protection for VMware: NVMe, Cloud and Beyond [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.45. HYP3714PUS - Trusted Hybrid Cloud???NIST???s Trusted Cloud Building Block & Ref Architecture [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.46. HYP3715BUS - Periodic Backup is Dead! Hello Zerto 7 [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.47. HYP3720BUS - Automatic Failover to AWS When a Wildfire Approaches Your Data Center [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.48. HYP3733BUS - Milliseconds Matter: Optimize Cloud Applications Through Network Control [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.49. HYP3734BUS - Applications w/o Borders Best Execution Venue for your Cloud Application [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.50. HYP3736BUS - Practical Guide for Delivering Advanced Security at Scale & Speed in SDDCs [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.51. HYP3827BUS - How Advanced Threat Intelligence Can Protect Your Data [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.52. HYP3828PUS - Deliver Real Value in your Data-Driven Enterprise with Multi-Cloud [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.53. HYP3829BUS - Address Disaster Recovery & Backup Needs: Physical, Virtual, & Multi-Cloud [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.54. HYP3846BUS - Meeting Cloud First, App First demands with F5 and VMware [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.55. HYP3853PU - IBM Presents: FREESTYLIN??? THE CLOUD with Tony Hawk and Rodney Mullen [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.56. HYP3870BUS - Artificial Intelligence - The Underpinning of Digital Transformation [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.57. HYP3879BUS - Clear-cut Resiliency for VMware and AWS [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.58. HYP3880BUS - Instant business value and protection with AWS and VMware hybrid solution [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.59. HYP3882BUS - A Hybrid Journey to Cloud [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.60. HYP3920BUS - VMware Cloud on AWS adoption in the enterprise [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.61. HYP7472QU - Accessing External Storage on VMware Cloud on AWS [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.62. LDT1873BU - A Peek into the Future of VMware IT???s Multi-Cloud Strategy [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.63. LDT1940BU - Digital Transformation in Action: From Buzzword to Reality [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.64. LDT2131BU - Getting IT Ready to Successfully Enable Digital Transformation [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.65. LDT3135PU - How Your Peers are REALLY Doing in Their Digital Transformation [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.66. LDT3675BU - Status of CIO Recruitment and Leadership Traits most Desired by CEOs [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.67. MGT3026BU - Building Machine Learning Services with VMware Integrated OpenStack [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.68. PRV1669BU - VMware Cloud Foundation Real-World Success with Professional Services [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.69. PRV2147BU - State of Minnesota???s Software-Defined Data Center Journey [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.70. PRV3477BU - IBM and VMware Cloud Foundation: Building a Unified Hybrid SDDC Experience [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.71. SAI1983BU - Security Architecture, Use Cases, and Tools with NSX Data Center [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.72. VIN2572BU - What's New in vMotion: Technical Deep Dive [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.73. WIN3486BU - Horizon 7 on VMware Cloud on AWS: What You Need to Know [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.74. WIN3489BU - Life in a Multi-Cloud World: Choosing the Right Cloud Desktop Solution [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.9.75. WIN3493BU - Put Horizon Deployments on Autopilot with the Universal Cloud Connector [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.10. IoT

6.10.1. HYP3822BU - VMware Data Protection Simplicity Meets Power: Converged, Cloud and Beyond [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.10.2. IOT1746QU - Can Blockchain Be Used as a Tool to Secure the IoT? [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.10.3. IOT2593BU - Project Dimension - The Easy Button for Edge Computing [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.10.4. IOT2812BU - Design IoT with Security in Mind Using VMware Pulse IoT and NSX [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.10.5. IOT3165BU - AI in the PaaS Lane: Toshiba and Virtustream Combine AI and Cloud [NO Stream POSTED] [NO DOWNLOAD POSTED] Stream Download

6.10.6. IOT3541BU - Take Your Hybrid Cloud Strategy to the Edge with VMware Solutions [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.10.7. IOT3549QU - Make Friends with Your OT Department: The Prerequisite to IoT Success [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.10.8. IOT3550PU - Customers Who Take Control of the Edge with VMware Pulse IoT Solutions [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.10.9. IOT3553BU - IoT Innovation for Reducing Carbon Footprint in Facilities [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.10.10. IOT3563BU - Surveillance and IoT Helping Keep the World Safe [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.10.11. IOT3679BU - Is Your Infrastructure IoT Ready? Dell IoT Technologies is Here to Help [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.10.12. IOT3680BU - Deploy, Manage, and Get Value from IOT with Microsoft, Dell and VMware [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.10.13. IOT3872BUS - FUJITSU Mobility Solutions for Connected Vehicles [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.10.14. LDT1882PU - Get the Creative Juices Flowing: A Discussion on Enterprise Innovation [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.11. Leading Digital Transformation

6.11.1. CTO3823BU - Kinetic Infrastructure:?? The Journey to a Fully Composable Datacenter [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.11.2. LDT1121BU - How an Enterprise Data Warehouse Makeover Transformed VMware???s Business [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.11.3. LDT1231PU - People Like You: Strategies and Solutions for Government IT Transformation [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.11.4. LDT1252PU - A Fly on the Wall: VMware IT Staff Meeting [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.11.5. LDT1497BUR - 5 Things Your Boss???s Boss Secretly Wishes You Would Tell Them [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.11.6. LDT1541BU - Attracting and Retaining Talent via a Technology for Social Good Program [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.11.7. LDT1758BU - Building a Compelling Business Case for Digital Transformation [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.11.8. LDT1883BU - How Machine Learning and AI Are Transforming VMware???s IT Operations [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.11.9. LDT1895BU - Culture Shift: The Heavy Lifting Behind Digital Transformation [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.11.10. LDT1899BU - Embracing a DevOps Cloud Operational Model for Private Cloud [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.11.11. LDT1907BU - Achieving Happiness: Building Your Brand and Your Career [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.11.12. LDT2188PU - Digital Workspace Transformation Best Practices from the Field [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.11.13. LDT2207BU - Destination Digital: Plot a Course for Transformation with Cloud Migration [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.11.14. LDT2647PU - Top 7 Considerations IT Leaders Miss in Their Cloud Strategy: 2018 Edition [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.11.15. LDT2787PU - Rethinking Financial Services: Adapting to a Digital Economy [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.11.16. LDT3196BU - Top 5 Operational Changes Organizations Overlook When Implementing EUC [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.11.17. LDT3685BUS - Hybrid IT: HPE???s composable, software-defined, dynamic datacenter vision [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.11.18. LDT3688BUS - Examining the Best Practices for Executing Your Multi-Cloud Environment [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.11.19. LDT3698BUS - Building your Enterprise cloud piece by piece [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.11.20. LDT3700BUS - DR - Protect all of your Workloads & Fight Back Against Cyber Threats [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.11.21. LDT3708PUS - Is your DR/BC Strategy Keeping Up with Changing Business Needs? [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.11.22. LDT3835BUS - Reimagining the Future of Work in a Mobile First World [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.11.23. LDT3919BUS - Expanding your Hybrid IT with VMC on AWS. [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.11.24. NFV3917PU - AT&T and VMware???s Virtual Cloud Network: Learn how AT&T is using VeloCloud???s SD-WAN and AirWatch [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.12. NFV

6.12.1. NFV1307BU - NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud for Service Providers on the vCloud NFV Platform [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.12.2. NFV1309BU - 5G Readiness: The Importance of Network Slicing & Service Function Chaining [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.12.3. NFV1315BU - Distributed OpenStack Platform for Telco Use Cases: MEC and PoP [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.12.4. NFV2220BU - Service Providers Love VMware Integrated OpenStack. Here's Why [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.12.5. NFV2917BU - Breaking the Virtual Speed Limit: Data Plane Performance Tuning [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.13. Office of the CTO

6.13.1. CTO1189BU - Next-Gen Multi-Cloud Architecture for Machine Learning [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.13.2. CTO1875BU - Quantum Supremacy: Basics, Outlook, and Security Implications [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.13.3. CTO1901BU - Inside VMware's Innovation Engine [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.13.4. CTO1917BU - Emerging Technologies in the Real World [NO Stream POSTED] [NO DOWNLOAD POSTED] Stream Download

6.13.5. CTO2161BU - Smart Placement of Workloads in Tomorrow's Distributed Cloud [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.13.6. CTO2325BU - Network Slicing: Virtual Network and Service Orchestration for 5G and IoT [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.13.7. CTO2390BU - Virtualize and Accelerate HPC/Big Data with SR-IOV, vGPU and RDMA [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.13.8. CTO2657BU - Evolution of VMware???s Microgrid: The Largest Solar Deployment in Palo Alto [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.13.9. CTO2816BU - How Open Source Is Bringing Serverless On Premises [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.13.10. CTO2860BU - Persistent Memory Deep Dive: HW and SW Architecture for VMware Technologies [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.13.11. CTO3496PU - VMware CTO Panel: What's Over the Horizon? [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.13.12. CTO3509BU - Embracing the Edge: Automation, Analytics, and Real-Time Business [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.13.13. CTO3584BU - An Introduction to VMware???s Blockchain Technologies [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.13.14. CTO3650BU - Choose Optimism [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

6.13.15. CTO3693BUS - Optimize your Virtualized Environment with Hardware Accelerators [STREAM] [DOWNLOAD] Stream Download

7. VMworld Barcelona

7.1. VMware's Intent to Acquire Heptio

7.2. VMware Container Offerings

7.3. VMware Virtualization at the Edge

7.4. VMware Cloud Foundation 3.5

7.5. VMware Cloud on AWS updates: (Oct 25th Release)

7.6. Horizon 7

7.7. Workspace One

7.8. Additional EUC

7.9. Network Insight 4.0: (Includes on-prem and SAAS versions)

7.10. HCX