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Mindset Book by Mind Map: Mindset Book

1. Random ideas

1.1. Any random ideas about my book go here

1.2. Affective prime - UPenn

1.2.1. Your mood at the beginning of the day affects your productivity

1.3. Progress principle - Harvard

1.4. Dominican University

1.4.1. Writing down goal increases completion from 43% to 72%

2. Personal stories

2.1. What are some personal stories, examples and case studies you can include in the book?

2.1.1. Getting rejected from Isamilo Growth Mindset Circled all the options on the paper Mum would sit and teach me French

2.1.2. Getting rejected from Isamilo

2.1.3. Falling sick at Raha Exercise - physical well being Started working out at lunch If-then technique Seinfeld calendar

2.1.4. Book rejected by Penguin at 14 years

2.1.5. Doing pullups and "who would read your book"

2.1.6. Kilimanjaro Aliya climbing ahead with asthma

3. Other people's stories

3.1. What are some non personal stories you can share in your book? Examples of other people, companies, etc?

3.1.1. Steve Jobs gets kicked out of Apple

3.1.2. Richard Branson gets stranded and started Virgin Airlines

3.1.3. Bill Clinton booed off the stage

3.1.4. Viktor Frankl

3.1.5. Jeff Bezos relentless.com

4. Potential Topics to Cover

4.1. What are some topics, ideas, points, you'd like to cover in the book?

4.1.1. Finding your Purpose Purpose Responsibility vs. fault What can you control? What can you do about it? What are you doing? Why are you doing i? Best way the team works together if they are aligned How can teams align better Why I can't do something... Internal purpose? What is your purpose? What do you want to get out of this? Where do they want to go? Meaningful experience

4.1.2. Developing a Growth Mindset i.e. story you're telling yourself about challenges and change i.e. how you respond to feedback Continuous improvement in quality

4.1.3. The power of Questions Specific questions to be inquisitive Children ask deep personal questions Curiosity What am I grateful for?

4.1.4. Unlocking Your Physical capacity Mind-body connection Mind is the engine, body is the car Need to fuel up the car so the engine can work How

4.1.5. Meaningful relationships

5. Statistics and data

5.1. Any statistics and data that don't fit into one of the other sections go in here