Isaac Newton

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Isaac Newton by Mind Map: Isaac Newton

1. Biography

1.1. Born on 1642 in Woolsthorpe

1.2. Studied in Cambridge

1.3. President of the Royal Society

2. Discoveries

2.1. Light is composed of rays

2.2. There's a force that pulls us down to the center of the Earth

2.3. Centripetal force is what makes an object follow a curved path

3. Newton's laws

3.1. 1) An object will be at rest or continue at constant speed until an external force acts upon it

3.2. 2) When a net force acts on an object, this will accelerate proportionally to the force apllied and inverse to the mass.

3.3. 3) When an object pushes another, this will move with an equal force and opposite direction.

4. Contributions

4.1. Physics: He invented the telescope, calculations of the sound's speed, published a description of the "Physical Gravitational law" and "Newton's laws"

4.2. Chemistry: He anticipated the idea of atoms and the structure of matter

4.3. Philosophy: He vanquished Cartesian and Leibnizian physics within his book "Principia". In this book, he also transformed early modern natural philosophy in modern physical science.

5. Conclusion

5.1. I think he was a genius, since he had these achievements without so much support from his family. For me, the most important contribution is Calculus, since this has helped to develope the sciences and are new techniques for calulating and understanding physical phenomena.